Best new Android Strategy games!

What are the best new Android Strategy games?

3D TD:Chicka Invasion

 by CMGE Group Limited

Very first 3D Tower Defense Game!Trebuchet superior siege weapon90kg 300m!

100% 4.3 Free

Kingdom Defense: Tower Wars TD

 by LMH

The best tower defense game of 2017, let’s protect your Kingdom Castle!

100% 4.5 Free

Valerian: City of Alpha

 by Spil Games

Build and manage the ultimate space metropolis!

100% 4.1 Free

Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2

 by GCenter

Tower Defense: Alien War 2 is an attractive strategy game.

92.1% 4.4 Free

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare

 by Mobirate Ltd

Resist and defy the evil undead in this tactical survival sequel of Dead Ahead!

86.9% 4.6 Free

Runescape Gold Clicker


Hours of entertainment whilst you try and make as much money as you can!

86.1% 4.5 Free

Steampunk Syndicate 2: Tower Defense Game

 by stereo7 games

Steampunk TD: Tower Defense Game is a sequel of a famous steampunk game.

79.7% 4.3 Free

Realpolitiks Mobile

 by Jujubee S.A.

Become leader of any contemporary country in this real-time grand strategy game.

76.8% 5

War of Gods:DESTINED


DESTINED for greatness? War of Gods: DESTINED is an AWESOME strategy RPG.

73.9% 4.6 Free

Pixel Soldiers: Saratoga 1777

 by Jolly Pixel

Relive the American Revolution in glorious turn based pixel warfare!

73.5% 4.9

Grid Defense

 by SongGameDev

A thinking man's tower defense game

73.3% 5

KawaiiStrike: Cute to Kill

 by Elex

Anime 3D Strategy Battle on mobile! Summon your empress & battle with friends!

72.9% 4.2 Free

Space Commander

 by Gamegou Limited

★Globally Recommended on Google Play★Lead your fleet and dominate the universe

71.1% 4.4 Free

Tower Defense: Next WAR PREMIUM

 by MainActivity Development

New strategy of the genre of tower defense td Prepare turrets for battle General

71.1% 5

Slaughter Horse

 by Rare Steak Gaming

A grimdark mystery game... with magical horses

68.6% 4.3 Free

Fidget Spinner Star Wars

 by Faith Prodigy's

Are Star Wars Fidget Spinner is family friendly, Best Kids and adult Game Out

67% 5

Stellar: Galaxy Commander

 by King

Collect heroes, upgrade your fleet & smash rivals in this space battle brawler!

66.3% 4 Free

Rise of Empires-Play With the World

 by Ultra Hands

Global SLG war game like no other! A REVOLUTION IN STRATEGY GAMING!

65.8% 4.4 Free

Clash Of Titans

 by Indofun Games

3D Mobile RTS with massive full of Titans!

63.7% 4 Free

Zomboid Defense


Defend your home from attacking zombies

63.5% 5

Devil Decides to Die S

 by whed

I'm the Devil,the strongest ruler Pandemonium has ever had.I've decided to die

61.6% 5

Trivia Crack Heroes (Unreleased)

 by Etermax

Collect Champions and play in real time to win medals

61.5% 0 Beta

Bloody West: Infamous Legends

 by seal Media

Become a legend of the Wild West in "Bloody West: Infamous Legends"

61.4% 4.1 Free

GOLDRAGON : Time Attack

 by Zzoo

Destroy the castle by upgrading the lizard!!

61.1% 4.1 Free

Predynastic Egypt

 by clarusvictoria

Turn-based historical strategy-sim will show you history of Predynastic Egypt.

58.6% 4.8

Tropic Town - Island City Bay: Paradise Escape Sim

 by Sparkling Society Tycoon

Escape to a tropical island bay and build the town ville of your dreams!

57.4% 4.2 Free

Rising Warriors: War Games - The New Order (Unreleased)

 by FredBear Games Ltd

Warriors, draw your swords and prepare for battle!

57.4% 0 Beta

Summoners Clash

 by NHN Entertainment Corp.

Summoners Clash is the one to one real time strategic PvP game.

57.2% 4.2 Free

Terminator 2 Judgment Day

 by koramgame

A global MMO strategy game! Join a Federation and experience the epic arena.

57.2% 4.2 Free

Castle Crush: Free Strategy Card Games

 by Fun Games For Free

Free multiplayer strategy game. Collect cards and clash against your enemies!

57% 4.5 Free

Ocean Conquest

 by Wanda Cinemas Games

Build your fleet and rule the seas!

56.7% 4.2 Free

Commands & Colors: The Great War

 by HexWar Games Ltd

A digital version of Commands & Colors: The Great War board game.

56.6% 4

Top Chess

 by MobiDev Studio

Offline Chess Game. Play with your partner or Practice with AI

55.5% 4.4 Free

Tower Defense: Castle Fantasy TD

 by BlackEye Studio

Tower Defense: Fantasy TD is greatest game for you. Let't protect your Kingdom.

55.5% 4.3 Free

Ways To Be Richer - Be Very Successful

 by Pulse MOBILE

Become wealthy, succeed and be well-known with Ways To Be Richer! (Clicker Game)

53% 4.5 Free

Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker

 by Mindstorm Studios

Tap Tap Dwarf!

52% 4.8 Free