Best new Android Tools apps!

What are the best new Android Tools apps?

Bitcoin Miner Robot

 by HRS Technobots

Bitcoin Miner Robot Daily Payouts!!!

100% 4.5 Free

Free Bitcoin - BTC Miner

 by Still Waters Multi

Start making Free Bitcoin at the best BTC Miner App in 2017!

98.1% 4.7 Free

Emulator PSP Pro 2017

 by antivirus L.L.C

Emulator PSP Pro 2017 The best Emulator PSP In Play Store !

93.7% 4.4 Free

SnapShot - SnapChat Screenshots Pro

 by Introne Apps

A screenshot app for SnapChat that just works! Long-press the home button, done.

91.8% 4.4

Hide "running in the background" Notification

 by iboalali

Hide the annoying "running in the background" Notification with this simple App

83.9% 4.9 Free

Who Use My WiFi? 📱 Network Tool

 by kerbalapp

You can easily find out who is using your network and what their devices are.

80.6% 4.4 Free

AutoPlay Pro Bluetooth&Headphones

 by SchaefferDStudio

Music start automatic after connectWithout ads, internet, waitingtime.

77.2% 5

CNC Bluetooth Commander Pro

 by BCcnc

Bluetooth based CNC G-code streaming application.

77.2% 5

Mi Calculator

 by Xiaomi Inc.

Full-featured calculator and converter

76.8% 4.6 Free

Rubber: erase "running in the background" notifs

 by Laurent Pellegrino

Erase boring "is running in the background" notifications from Android 8.0 Oreo

76.4% 5

call recorder pro

 by quality apps (recorder, weather, music)

call recorder pro - no ads

76.1% 4.2

Battery Saver - Battery Doctor


One - Tap to save your battery, Extend your battery life, Temperature indicator!

74.1% 4.5 Free

Mushrooms identification AI

 by Tbd group

Mushrooms identification Artificial intelligence

74.1% 5

Active Application Condition Plug-in

 by Locpiapps

A Tasker/Locale plugin that to detect the current active application.

73.3% 5

Protect File Pro - Lock and Send File

 by DAJA Soft

Protect File is a useful application to protect your private files of all types.

73.3% 5

Geometric Algorithm

 by Geometric Algorithm

Native Android implementation of

73.3% 5

Route Chart - Nuzlocke Tracker - No Ads

 by PseudoCode

Save the state and progress of your Pokemon Nuzlocke challenges.

73.3% 5

Offline Personal Assistant (Premium)

 by Lilly Inc.

Manage documents, password, banking details, business cards in convenient way.

73.3% 5

Lensinator - OCR, Object, Barcode Scanner

 by Grid Entertainment

Detect objects, scan barcodes / QR codes, extract text and more!

73.1% 4.1

ASK - Autistic Space Kit

 by Assert (B&H)

ASK - App designed to help Autistic people communicate and express themselves.

73.1% 5

Quick Count Pro

 by Lionheartapps

Quick Count Pro - Fastest way to count and Sharing

73% 5

Lazy Mouse Pro

 by Lazy Wireless Mouse

Easy simple PC Remote 💻📲, Remote Mouse , File Transfer 📂& Remote Desktop 💻

72.6% 4.7

Subtitle Reader - Subreader

 by John S - Shivito

Subreader reads continuously aloud matching perfect with movies & TV-Shows.

72.6% 5

Radon Kernel Control

 by Umang Leekha

Unique kernel control app which offers custom profile based tweaking.

71.9% 4.9

WiFi Speed Test & Booster

 by Sirius App Studio

Best network boost tool with WiFi speed test and signal boost. boost WiFi speed

71.9% 4.6 Free

Wifi Booster - range Extender

 by SamSoftware Inc

Wifi booster and wifi extender app its the best wifi signal booster

71.1% 4.6 Free

Speedometer GPS : Odometer

 by JZZ The I.T Solution, Pvt. Ltd.

Free GPS Speedometer with analog and digital meter for your car,vehicle & bike.

71% 4.5 Free

Open it! - Pro

 by Lukáš Anda

Open your files without downloading more apps and filling your memory!

69.9% 4.8

S8 Navigation bar PRO (no root) | Simple control

 by Viet Bui

Try PRO version with new helpful feature and support developer

69.5% 4.5


 by Instas Inc.

Wanna download or repost videos and images from Instagram and Vine?

69.4% 4.7 Free

Smart Cooler - Phone Cooler & CPU Temp Controller

 by collage

Make Your Phone Cooler & Smarter

69% 4.7 Free

GIF maker, video to GIF, GIF editor, GIF creator

 by EnjoyMobi Video Editor Studio

GifGuru : a powerful GIF maker & converter with editing, GIF searching features.

68.9% 4.4 Free

New GBWhatsapp Messenger Tips

 by mohamed el assouli

guide for gbwhatsapp messenger plus double WhatsApp apk,android

68.6% 4.3 Free

Caddie for Golf Clash

 by Green Gloves Inc.

Always hit the green when it's windy with Caddie for Golf Clash wind guide! ⛳

68.5% 4.6

Easy Hotspot Ad Free


Easy Hotspot let you easy connect or share hotspot to your family and friends.

67.9% 5

Antivirus 2018 & Virus Cleaner

 by NP Mobile Security

Antivirus 2018 & Virus Cleaner is the one of the best security app

67.7% 4.6 Free