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Moment - Pro Camera

 by Moment, Inc. / Photography

Full manual control + RAW photos

66.1% 3.48

Hags Castle

 by Switchpilot / Action

Real-time 3D Action Adventure in the depths of an old Scottish Castle!

100% 4.5


 by 4L GAMES LTD. / Puzzle

A perilous quest for light.

100% 4.48

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

 by Playsport Games / Racing

A world of motorsport

81.4% 4.84

Identity V

 by NetEase Games / Action

1 vs 4 Asymmetrical Mobile Game

65.2% 4.32 Free

Dead Island: Survivors

 by Deep Silver / Action

The ultimate zombie action RPG survival game!

37% 4.36 Free

Bungo Stray Dogs: Tales of the Lost

 by Ambition co.,ltd. / Puzzle

The first ever mobile game based on the hit anime series Bungo Stray Dogs!

46% 4.65 Free

DERE EVIL EXE 🌖 Meta Horror Pixel Platformer

 by AppSir, Inc. / Adventure

2D side-scrolling pixel art platformer meta horror game with 16-bit aesthetics

50.7% 4.85 Free

Spotify Lite

 by Spotify Ltd. / Music & Audio

A lighter Spotify - listen to music for free, using less data and storage.

39.6% 3.79 Free

Hotel Transylvania Crazy Cruise

 by Biba Ventures / Adventure

Island-hopping fun on the Playground!

72.8% 0

Isle of Skye: The Tactical Board Game

 by Asmodee Digital / Board

A game of tiles: build up your kingdom to become King of the Isle of Skye!

96.7% 4.18

Fighting Fantasy Legends Portal

 by Asmodee Digital / Role Playing

Features the Deathtrap Dungeon trilogy by Ian Livingstone.

80.6% 3.82

Portal Drop

 by ArmNomads LLC / Arcade

Portals are everywhere!

46.5% 4.33 Free

House of Cats

 by House of Cats / Entertainment

Get inside the White House! Follow Trumpy Cat!  Don’t miss his greatest moments!

97.3% 4.2


 by HyperBeard / Casual

Woof woof! KleptoCats are back! But this time it's... DOGS?!?

69.3% 4.72 Free

Pixel Starships™ (Early Access Beta)

 by Savy Soda / Strategy

Pixel Starships is the world’s first 8Bit spaceship management and strategy MMO.

36.3% 0 Beta


 by Hasbro Inc. / Entertainment


36.7% 4.29 Free

Old School RuneScape

 by Jagex Games Studio / Adventure

Welcome to the Old School RuneScape Members Beta

35.4% 4.93 Free

SSR - Super Speed Runner

 by Jambav, Inc / Action

Super Speed Runner is a brutally hard platformer with unique player mechanics!

61.8% 4.99 Free

Big Company: Skytopia | Sky City Simulation

 by Goodgame Studios / Simulation

SKYTOPIA - Build your city and grow your successful business above the clouds.

43% 4.29 Free

SEEDS - The Magic Garden

 by Znavit / Arcade

SEEDS is a puzzle game where players grow magical plants – and save real trees

44.6% 4.28 Free

Mimo: Learn to Code

 by Mimohello GmbH / Education

Learn Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, Swift, Kotlin, C++, SQL, PHP, C#

34.6% 4.3 Free


 by Jons Games / Puzzle

A fill in the blanks golf puzzler. You'll need to get creative to beat this one!

42.9% 3.83 Free

Navbar Weather - forecast at your Navigation Bar

 by Pesta Apps / Weather

Change your smartphone navbar to weather forecast! No battery drain!

43.1% 4.2 Free

Hags Castle

 by Switchpilot / Action

Real-time 3D Action Adventure in the depths of an old Scottish Castle!

100% 4.5

Cache Cleaner Smart

 by SKVCHAT LLC / Tools

Clean & Boost Your Phone In One Tap
With CPU Cooler Battery Saver & Junk Cleaner

100% 4.72

X Launcher Prime: With OS Style Theme & No Ads

 by Launcher Developer / App

Best OS Style Launcher, Make your phone looks like Phone X with No Ads

100% 4.66


 by Dynamic Zero / Adventure

Explore, discover and survive in an action packed, open world RPG adventure!

100% 4.89

House of Cats

 by House of Cats / Entertainment

Get inside the White House! Follow Trumpy Cat!  Don’t miss his greatest moments!

97.3% 4.2

Isle of Skye: The Tactical Board Game

 by Asmodee Digital / Board

A game of tiles: build up your kingdom to become King of the Isle of Skye!

96.7% 4.18

WiFi Signal Strength Meter Pro(No Ads)

 by WiFi Booster - WiFi Signal Booster / Tools

Detect wifi signal strength and Help you find best wifi signal strength area!

88.6% 4.83

Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

 by Playsport Games / Racing

A world of motorsport

81.4% 4.84


 by Cris87 / Personalization

Looks The Spectacle of Pixel Style with Square Shape in High Definition!

80.8% 5

Partial Screen Pro

 by Andrii Ichenets / Tools

Intercepts and blocks random arbitrary self ghost touches on the damaged display

77.2% 5

OnlyKey U2F

 by CryptoTrust / Tools

OnlyKey full feature support for your Android (OpenPGP, U2F, TOTP).

77.2% 5

The epic of legend 1 -The Tower of Lost

 by GlassesForce / Role Playing

The story of finding memories of the boy Zero who lost his memory

77.2% 5

AudioBrain Business

 by Mobile Development A&A / Business

English business phrases from professionals each foreigner must know

77.2% 5

Honey Jump

 by Concepts Redefined / Adventure

Help Jayce the Bee save his home colony “Beetopia “

77.2% 5


 by Keelan Stuart / Puzzle

Inflate bubbles! Pop bubbles! Set up chain reactions!

77% 5

TNMaker Pro - Multiple Choice Test

 by TN Team / Education

Easily to get your score for multiple choice test by using the camera.

75% 4.86

Castle Of Awa - Relaxing Mystic Game

 by Mental Lab / Puzzle

Uncover the mystical challenges of this relaxing puzzle

74.4% 4.82

Free Promo Codes for PSN

 by Eight Dev LLC / Entertainment

🎮 Enjoy our new PSN codes generator app and play the cool ps4 games for Free!

73.7% 4.68 Free

Muzi Pro - Mp3 Songs

 by Muzi Player / Music & Audio

Muzi Pro - Ad-Free! Get top, new & trending charts of tracks

73.6% 4.61

Comedy City De Pere Cat Attack

 by B. P. Schmidt / Arcade

Comedy City De Pere app for Comedy Cares

73.3% 5

Full Scientific Calculator Pro

 by J.J. Software / Tools

The professional version of the acclaimed Full Scientific Calculator.

73.3% 5

Copy & Pasta Premium

 by Jonda / Entertainment

Premium version of the well known Copy & Pasta app!

73.3% 5

LCD clock and name-day FREE

 by H.S.G.I. / Productivity

LCD widget. Hour (with seconds), date, alarm, hourly signal, and name-day.

73.3% 5

Belly Bombotron

 by Paraplu / Lifestyle

Fun app for all expecting parents that are looking for the perfect name!

73.3% 5

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Top 10 Best Android Apps — Messaging — July 2018

3 hours ago: Android Headlines

There are a ton of messaging applications available for Android, and chances are you’re using more than one. Various messaging services like Viber,

Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web)

 by Luke Klinker / Communication

The perfect SMS app - available across all your devices.

6.1% 4.56 Free

Textra SMS

 by Delicious / Communication

Textra is a seriously beautiful, feature rich SMS and MMS app.

3.9% 4.49 Free

WhatsApp Messenger

 by WhatsApp Inc. / Communication

Simple. Personal. Secure.

2.7% 4.4 Free

Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages

 by Facebook / Communication

A faster version of Messenger that works in all network conditions

2.2% 4.41 Free


 by Kik Interactive / Communication

Connect with all your friends

2% 4.28 Free

Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

 by Facebook / Communication

Reach anyone 1:1 or in groups by text message, video chat, or voice call

2% 4.04 Free

Android Messages

 by Google LLC / Communication

Texting and chat made easy, by Android

1.9% 4.19 Free

Viber Messenger

 by Viber Media S.à r.l. / Communication

Viber Messenger: Text Messages, Free Phone Calls, Live Video Chats and more!

1.6% 4.34 Free


 by Google LLC / Communication

Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice

1.3% 4.01 Free

Google Allo

 by Google LLC / Communication

A smart messaging app that comes ready with the Google Assistant.

0.4% 4.32 Free

Apex Launcher updated for the first time in a year, and users are unhappy

4 hours ago: Android and Me

Back in the day, the three biggest launcher choices were Launcher Pro, Apex Launcher, and Nova Launcher. Those were the days where we would extensively modify our phones and Android was ugly and la...

Apex Launcher

 by Android Does / Personalization

Apex brings you a Google-like experience with even more customization options

2.3% 4.28 Free

Top 10 Android Apps – Ringtones – July 2018

5 hours ago: Android Headlines

Device customization is at the core of the Android experience, and one of the biggest ways to do that, a way that's been around since the days of feature

Anime Ringtone

 by Team Yukito / Entertainment

Anime Ringtone, Notification, Soundboard offline & online. Funny sound and Meme

28.8% 4.71 Free

My name ringtone with music-my name song editor

 by Vanilla Developer / Tools

My name ringtone maker with music,ringtone editor
My name ringtone app download

11.9% 4.37 Free

Random Ringtones

 by Zach Bublil Apps / Music & Audio

Mulitple ringtones.
Changing your ringtones automatically.

9.8% 4.1 Free

Best Classical Music Ringtones

 by BestRingtonesApps / Music & Audio

Get Best Classical Music Ringtones & enjoy Bach, Mozart and other great classics

8.1% 4.45 Free

Dank MLG - Meme Soundboard

 by Tortuga Applications / Entertainment

Let's make the World DANK again with the new fresh MLG Dank memes soundboard!

6.6% 4.53 Free

ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers

 by Zedge / Personalization

Free Ringtones, Wallpapers, App Icons & Notification Sounds enjoyed by millions.

3.6% 4.62 Free

Business Ringtones

 by Aura Ringtones / Entertainment

Aura Business Ringtones

1.9% 4.05 Free

Ringtone Maker

 by Big Bang Inc. / Personalization

Ringtone Maker is free app create ringtones from music files or your recording.

1.9% 4.34 Free

Perfect Piano

 by Revontulet Soft Inc / Music

Smart piano keyboard, Classical to Pop, Real-time multiplayer connection!

1.8% 4.18 Free

Z Ringtones PREMIUM 2018

 by Z Ringtone Inc. / Personalization

TOP 2018 ringtone to customize your phone ringtone, notification and alarm sound

0.9% 4.49 Free

Food Fantasy challenges you to battle as your favourite grub

6 hours ago: Droid Gamers

Food Fantasy is a brand new hero collector RPG in which you battle as your favourite food personified. Collect ingredients, turn them into recipes, battle.

Food Fantasy

 by Elex / Role Playing

Food Personified around the world! Start your RPGfoodie adventure!

16.8% 4.16 Free

CARROT Weather Review: your forecast with a wicked sense of humor

6 hours ago: AndroidGuys

With more weather apps than you can shake a stick at CARROT Weather finds it's own niche with a twisted, yet delightful sense of humor.

CARROT Weather

 by Grailr LLC / Weather

Get hilariously twisted weather forecasts from a snarky A.I.

12.7% 3.76 Free

Question of the Day: How Much Have You Spent on Paid Apps and In-App Purchases?

6 hours ago: Droid Life

A few years ago, we asked our readers how much they had spent on paid Android apps and in-app purchases. Back in 2015, I was sitting at $415.97 of total purchases through Google Play. Today, I'm at $694.47. That includes apps I've paid for as well as money I've spent via in-app purchases, at...

My Paid Apps

 by Jens Kristian Geyti / Tools

Everything you've bought in the Play Store! What was the first app you bought?

2.2% 4.08 Free

How to add iPhone X gestures to your Android phone - The Verge

6 hours ago: The Verge

Have your cake and eat it, too

Navigation Gestures Premium Add-On

 by XDA / Personalization

Unlock extra gestures for Navigation Gestures

43.5% 3.96

Navigation Gestures

 by XDA / Personalization

Navigate without the buttons

34.4% 3.98 Free

Edge Gestures

 by ChYK the dev. / Productivity

Just swipe the edge to do something!

4.6% 4.67

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