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Stick Squad: Sniper Battlegrounds (by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG) - Android Gameplay HD

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Every bullet counts in the next epic entry of the Stick Squad saga.

Take the Shot!

Every bullet counts in the next epic entry of the Stick Squad saga.
This time around, world-class sniper Damien Walker and assault specialist Ron Hawkings are on a suicide mission to save the world.
Embark on a breakneck journey across battlegrounds around the globe and uncover an over the top story that does not take itself too serious.

Shoot your way through hordes of bad guys or take your time and eliminate them from a distance.
Every mission requires a unique approach but always has the same result: dead bodies dropping on the floor.

To get the job done you can choose from 20+ weapons, each with tons of upgrades.
The possibilities are nearly limitless!
The Stick Squad guys have the right tool for every encounter.

Download the best free stickman shooter game right now!

- Hilarious yet engaging story
- 15+ Weapons with tons of upgrades
- More than 30 diverse missions
- Full character customization
- Slow Mo and bullet time effects
- Compete against friends on Facebook

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Nitesh 3
I know Ads are important for devs for monetary purpose to make more awesome games but too much of it making me full of frustrations.. No doubt, this game is fantastic. Gameplay and Graphics are Awesome.. But please decrease then frequency of ads for the sake of poor people or people who don't wanna invest money on games..
Allan 5
One of the best sniper games I've tried, seemingly very realistic with the movement and stability of the scope. Some sniper games you just point your scope and fire, no challenge, this one has more realistic challenges to shooting. Now, I've never fired an actual sniper rifle, but it seems much more real-world than just simply pointing and shooting a perfectly still sniper scope. Also, I love the accents of the voices, makes me laugh. My only gripe is it doesn't take long at all to finish all the missions, hopefully the developers update the game with more missions soon!
Japheth 5
The very best. Just one problem. The stamina does not get refilled after closing the application. The notification comes saying the stamina is filled, but once you open it, the stamina is 0% and the countdown starts from 3 minutes. Stamina gets refilled only on the opening of the application. Please fix this bug as soon as possible. Otherwise... Its the best game.
This game is so good. I watched the trailer over and over and over and was thinking "this game could not have a story line AND good graphics, especially in a sniper game. Well, I played it, and I was blown away. It looked Exactly like in the trailer. BEST SNIPER GAME IN GOOGLE PLAY BY FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR.😅
rhyoo 5
Great game. I wonder when will the update? I've completed all 20 levels. Now I'm focus on sub mission but survive using sniper is too hard. And the number of enemies that should be killed is too high as well. Could you change that pls?? Or just update the mission so we dont get bored. Thanks!
Greg 5
I've found that most every Stickman games are entertaining and well made! And also, quite addictive. As a professional guitarist, it's a great way to clear your mind in the hour or so after sound check. My daughter, Grandson, and son-in-law are stickman fans as well! My Grandson absolutely loves to watch them "splat & kerplunk" on the ground, another building, etc. (He's 2 1/2, but loves to watch all sorts of fails, especially Stickman!! LoL!) I enjoy his mischievous laughter when I bounce Stickman off buildings and what not!!
Ernest 3
I would've given this game five stars across the board however I'm unable to continue playing it due to a glitch in the game. In order to complete missions you need stamina (lives). Your stamina replenishes with the passage of time, usually a couple of minutes. After making progress the stamina no longer replenished itself. It just reads "NaN:NaN"
Tennessee 5
Besides the stability of the weapons starting out, this game is AWESOME! Love it as a time killer! Keeps my "Stick Man" Erect when i blow someones face outa their ears! GREAT MOTHER F'N GAME DEVS! Keep it up ya milky lickers!
Dude ive been scrolling past this game and regret it i mean theres cool stick games but then theres this awsome journey and theres even jugs! Yall had me at guns... but then ya drop jugs in ther wow im blown away.
Quanti_Fy 5
The game was addictive BUT the voices actors are like robots, they speak too fast. Some of the side missions are almost impossible to have 3 stars on it, like the survival, can you lower like how many kills you need to get 3 stars from the side misson survival? Or just make the enemies dont pull the trigger for like 5 secs, that would be great! Overall, the game has action on it, and yeah, great game.
Pouria 5
Hahaha... best sniper game ever, dialogs are super fun, missions are intresting, well done guys. Only one single complaint, the female narrator speaks very emotionless, other than that YOU GUYS ROCK!!!


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