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Description & Details

Our Last Journey is a puzzle adventure game about love, loss and redemption.

An elderly woman who lost her beloved husband pursues him and gets lost in between this world and the next.

- 45 handcrafted levels with a variety of obstacles and gimmicks
- Dreamlike, minimalist 3D graphics
- Tactile puzzles with intuitive controls that anyone can enjoy
- Movielike soundscape that adds to the game's immersion (We recommend using headphones for the best experience)

** Our Last Journey is a recent 3D game which requires a device with recent processing capabilities.

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2.3 and up
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Latest Ratings

MrsG87 5
Loved it. They were quick and fairly easy to complete, there is a guide in case you get stuck as well but not needed. Sometimes she moves to the wrong area so you have to be certain to move small squares at a time in some areas, otherwise you have to start over. I just wish it were longer! 💖
Furrinthedoggie 3
Here's what it don't enjoy; the plot line clearly doesn't work well, the graphics are ugh! You could have don't better! I fell like it was rushed the character design was too blocky for my preference.. some people may love this game but, it's just my opinion.
Amanda 5
I love these kind of puzzles, reminds me of the block-pushing puzzles of John Wizard games. The story is simple, the puzzles range from easy to challenging, gameplay is fun and relaxing. I like the unobtrusive Guide Mode for when you are truly stuck -- you can turn it off once you're unstuck and not spoil the rest of the puzzle.
The level design is OK, the music gets repetitive, plot quite frankly doesn't work as a concept, and I'm not a big fan of the art style. Monument Valley does a much better job of this style of game, so much so that I paid for the full version- this game I don't think is staying on my phone. It's boring, really. I'd get it if you're bored, but there are much better games out there.
Heikyu 5
Oh my God. This game brought me to tears. It's so sad yet so beautiful! Simple puzzle game with a great story. I love it! The ending was so heartwarming.♡ One of the best puzzle games out there!
Jen 5
I would have liked a few more difficult levels. The game really eases you into it and the first few chapters are a little too easy, but the last ones are so fun and a couple are very tricky. Loved it but would have loved even one more difficult chapter!
jenny 5
A 3D Labyrinth where you have to find your way to the portal on each level by pushing blocks around. Relaxing ambient background music if you want it. Quite addictive. If you like fast action, you won't like waiting for the character to move from one block to another. I loved it.
Prama 3
Good concept. Gets a little boring after a few levels. And the nice backstory becomes pointless once the game starts. Maybe it will have a nice ending, but I don't think I'll get to it.
Mel 5
I love this game! No pressure, you just have to think where to put those blocks to make a way. Gosh, I cried at 4-9. Now I'm stuck at 5-9 but I'm not gonna watch the video on how to solve it. I'll keep working on it. Edit: after a week, I finally was able to solve it. I really love this game.
Matias 4
Lovely, but... Way too short. Excellent aesthetics, music, color palette. So-so difficulty, bland but kind of soothing music. Bothering: slo-mo-ing EVERY DAMN SWITCH you walk over. Definitely worth a download!
Tara 3
I was really disappointed after reading the great reviews about this game. I liked what I could play (which was only level 1.1 because no matter where i push I couldn't get her to walk the last two squares, only the ones I had already walked from) and the little animated story at the start which is why I rated 3 stars. Not sure if its because of my phone or the app itself as to why it did this, either way it's annoying haha.


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