Picross Luna II - Six Pieces Of Tears

Picross Luna II - Six Pieces Of Tears








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By Floralmong company Category Puzzle

Description & Details

Let's go into emotional and fantastic story with picross puzzle

Travel with emotional and beautiful stories hidden in it with Piccross.

After the first story, a second richer story will come to you.

Please join us for the adventure of the moon for Princess!

After Nobilunia had fallen,
The Moon keeper has finally met the Princess after the long long time.
The Princess was lovely as always and The Moon keeper finally regained his old form.
They decided to honor the people from Nobilunia.
They built a little cabin and stayed there hoping peace.
But the tragedy wasn't over, nightmare took their destiny away into darkness.
The destiny was twisted,
and the lone journey to bring that back has just began.

Game function ---------------------------------------------

- puzzle save
- Use the touch pad at the same time
- Small map Large map available (both free)
- Hinting offer
- Incorrect checking options available
- X offers a complete line of display options
- Undo / Redo function provided
- Large puzzles can be solved easier through a drag button

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2.3 and up
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

BanananaPiee 5
FINALLY THERE'S A SECOND ONE. I really really loved the first one despite having some grammatical errors. This one has stayed true to the original's colours and vibe. The developers did a really good job on this time's graphics and design as well as the overall gameplay experience. Picross Luna is one of the only games that I truly get addicted to. Good job and keep up the good work!!! <3
Laura 5
Definitely the best of the piccross games I've tried so far, and I've tested a few for the best UX. Yes, their attempts at localization aren't the best, but bad grammar hardly detracts from the content of the game. The interface is smooth and thoughtful, relaxing to look at and to use. Not at all laggy on a Pixel phone. My only 2 complaints are that the background music doesn't loop very well and would benefit from extra length or tracks. Also, I would love to be able to pay up front to remove ads.
Angela 5
Loved the first chapter, love this chapter -- and the rethought graphics are delicious! My only quibble is with how the game behaves with my pen's controls near part of the right edge; the Note 8 gets a bit fussy and it took some trial and error to figure ot how to fill the squares without invoking the control wheel. A wonderful way to relax!
Matthew 4
Very reminiscent of the original. I'm enjoying the game, but it badly needs optimization in the current version. The game is laggy. Occasionally, the game will lag when creating the picture once the puzzle has been completed and generates the puzzle one piece at a time. It is slow and annoying. I will still play the game, but it needs to be optimized.
solitaryfey 2
I really enjoyed this game UNTIL I loaded it today and ALL my progress was gone. I had completed all of the voyage levels and 17/30 of the story sections. I've spent hours on this app and it feels like a complete waste now. Very disappointed.
Jamie 2
Same issues found with the second game as the first. The accuracy of the placements is off slightly. I've also noticed it's the same puzzles over and over again, but slightly modified. That doesn't make for a good game. However, my main issue is with the translation. I understand your staff may not be native English speakers, but the story makes absolutely no sense when reading it. May I suggest that you give an English speaker a few minutes of work and let them edit the storyline parts to form coherent sentences?
A great sequel to Picross Luna. The art style is really nice and the gameplay is still solid. I haven't played enough yet to comment on the plot. The music loop is weird and it's still difficult to play the larger grids on a small screen (there is a way around that in game but it is tedious to use). Very good picross game.
Alan 3
Fun picross game overall. One problem is that even with sound disabled in the app, ads will pop up in between games with sound on. This is really annoying. It would also be welcome to have an option to pay and remove all ads.
Cady 4
I love this game, even with it's crazy grammar errors. So the app creator doesn't speak perfect English, it's a really great game. My only complaint is that if you close out you have to close all the way out or the music will play over anything else you use on your phone, even if the screen is shut off.
Llyanina 5
IMPORTANT REQUEST : PLEASE add the option to configure the game to be saved on the email. This to avoid any possibility of losing the progress of the game in case the phone broke up, or if I want to continue the game on another device.
Judel 4
The only drawback to this sequel is the performance. The lag can get quite severe especially in the 20x20 puzzles that can make things virtually unplayable. If the lag gets ironed out and maybe better proofreading for the story, this game would be perfect.

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