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Description & Details

Urban role-playing game with life simulation gameplay.

We have the free version that you can install - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.inspiregamesnexus.dreamcityliving

Currently, the only language in the game is English.

Upcoming updates for 2018:

* play as a male character with his own story and quests (July 2018)
* 50+ food items with ability to cook meals based on recipes (August 2018)
* exploration quest to find documents that boost abilities and recipes (October 2018)
* a new suburban location, Sunny Beach to buy house (December 2018)

Her Story

If you choose to play the female character, you'll start the game arriving at Dream City with the objective to find your missing father. How you are going to achieve this is up to you. Choose wisely as your decision have serious ramification throughout the game. Get her a job, find her a home and explore the city.

As you meet many characters in the game, you'll be given the chance to investigate the mystery behind murders, discover conspiracies and prove yourself to join a vigilante group. Can you survive in the city while trying to unravel the mystery of your father's disappearance?

His Story Available July 2018

If you choose to play the male character, you'll start the game waking up not remembering anything about yourself. You have to figure out why you were sent to Dream City in the first place. You start with nothing and it's up to you to survive in a city troubled by gang fights and harsh economic condition. You'll be forced to scavenge, looking for odd jobs and carrying out dangerous quests just to earn money to buy food and find shelter to sleep.

Casual Game Features for Female Character

* 4 career paths (ad agency executive, lawyer, fashion designer or model) or 3 hidden career paths (paranormal investigator, private detective or vigilante agent)
* job promotion (starts from low-level position and move to the top as CEO)
* gain skill points by performing a job or attending class
* 37 interior locations to explore (home place, workplace, eating place, shopping place, educational place, recreational place and exercise place)
* 51 quests to carry out (paranormal, spy, investigation and fight quests)
* 4 different transportation to own (scooter, small car, sedan car and luxury car)
* 1 love interest to date and possible to marry him
* invest in 3 different mutual funds to build wealth (take advantage of the economy to buy low and sell high)
* fight 7 different enemies (gangster, hooligan, drug addict, drug dealer, assassin, agent and gym trainer)
* 11 game endings (married ending, save father ending, deport ending, accident ending, starved to death ending, voluntary leave ending, getting killed ending, ad agency CEO, law firm CEO, fashion firm CEO and modelling agency CEO)

Hardcore Game Features for Male Character

* scavenge trash bins to find items to sell
* looking for part-time jobs throughout the city
* 20 quests to carry out (gang fight, investigation and fight club)
* 1 love interest
* 4 game endings (betrayal ending, defeat killer ending, voluntary leave ending and getting killed ending)

Technical Issues

The game requires as much as 170 MB of memory in order to run properly due to the loading of many art assets in the game. If you have freeze problem or the game kicks to the home screen, that means the phone or tablet has run out of memory to run the game. You need to clear up some memory by closing any app that runs in the background.

Currently, we do not support phones or tablets with Intel Atom. You might be able to run the game but there'll be lots of technical problems.

If you have technical issues or any problem about the game, send us a message on our Facebook page. Inspire Games Nexus Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/inspiregamesnexus

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Latest Ratings

Håkan 4
Aaaarg!! Where do I find hooligans???
Adesanya 3
I love DC living game both free and full version, I recently started playing full version game, hoping to see more great features, The only problem about the game for now is the speed, It's way too fast, I'll be glad if you can do something about it.. Thanks
Neil 4
Game seems interesting with many choices to make nice of the development team to help me out when I couldn't download
teddy 5
i bought it xD excited to play just like dream city office. i would love to see the full version of dream city office too :D thank you for this addicting game :)
Choo 5
Loved this game when it was Dream City Life, loved it when it was Dream City Living in the works and love it even more now. I could spend hours on this game!
Wow it is an awesome game the story is fantastic and the features in this game is just almost like the Sims 3 game thanks to the developer's for creating such a unique game
Clarence 5
Thank you very much god bless. May I ask, when or will you guys still release dream city underworld 😀
Christian 5
I havn't played it yet. But it looks fun tho...


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