Magic Tiles - BTS Edition (K-Pop)

Magic Tiles - BTS Edition (K-Pop)








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By Ryan Alencar Category Music #2

Description & Details

Play your favorite BTS songs on the piano!

Magic Tiles for BTS will challenge your reflexes and reaction time while you play piano covers of your favorite BTS songs!

- Play your favorite BTS songs!
- Challenge your friends and beat their score!
- A must-have app for A.R.M.Y and kpop fans!

The game is pretty simple and easy to play:
- tap the black piano tiles and avoid the white tiles to complete the song.
- every time you complete the song, it gets faster!
- the longer you resist, the greater your prizes are!

- Enhanced gameplay with special tiles such as long notes and bonus blocks.
- 5 different instruments!
- Online leaderboards to compete with other players.
- Lots of daily bonuses.
- Perfect for A.R.M.Y.

This is an unofficial fan-made application. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by BTS, their management teams, or their record labels.

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Latest Ratings

Many thanks to the makers. This game is SOOOO good. Once you start, you cannot stop. I would've preferred it if there were more of their songs so maybe in a update or something. But overall its a REALLY good game and you can tell a lot of thought and effort went into it. Again many thanks!
Ariel 2
This app LOOKS very fun and addicting and, if it weren't for the extreme lag (that occurs quite often), it WOULD be. I have never experienced this lag while playing any other piano tile games though. Along with that, there are several errors throughout the music. These two errors combine to make this game experience stressfull and bothersome.
emely 4
I really like this game it challenges me but it has like a weird glitch that slows down the music, stops, then goes the regular speed making me mess up most of the time. I would love it if they fixed this problem then 5 stars for sure
Currently 5
Game is amazing! Lags sometimes, but not as often. Almost as if it never happens! Just happens a few times. Otherwise, it's addicting, and a great time killer. More songs would be appreciated too, but of course, I know games take a lot of time, and money to make.
Yerp 4
Absolutely love it! This app made me listen to the original songs that I now LOVE. I never knew I'd be into so many BTS songs. But there is two problems that keep from fully enjoying the app. The lag and the loading. As others mentioned, it lags during gameplay and even makes the gameplay slower. When I'm loading the app up or a song to play, I see that it says "#%" when loading. Sometimes it loads ONE BY ONE or skips a few numbers and loads quicker, but it still loads up songs very slowly and it's always a pain to wait when you want to play a new song every time. But all in all, great app, love it to bits. Thank you 💕
Andrea 5
My sister got this game on her ipad and it works perfect! But I installed it on my Galaxy tab and it laggs a lot 🙁... then again.. this did just get released.. but yeah, hope to play lagg free soon!
JJMarasigan 3
It was Kinda Okay.. the problem is that it lags in the middle of the game and you can't skip any black cube thing.. Thumbs up my comment if you agree.
LaniBoni 5
It's honestly a good game, I play it all the time, only down side is that some times the songs can get really high and irritating. But that's pretty rare... All in all I really like the game!!!
It is fun but one time I went to pause it and just made me mess up and lose the game. But it has a lot of great BTS songs but i love BTS so it makes me happy.
Aprille 3
Game works fine but then starts lagging once you get to 100+ score. Heavy graphics maybe?? And you can't speed up along with the music cause of the lag ;;
Tae 4
Many many many thanks for creating this! Any ARMY would be extra pleased. So far I haven't gotten any bug or glitches, so the game works perfectly for me. However I do think the timing or more like, the speed of the piano tiles itself should be a tad bit slower (of course according to each sings tempo). I find the rhythm of the songs are off as you have to tap quickly because it rolls up a bit too fast. Just my honest opinion, other than that I'm happy. ❤🔅

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