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The Tokenized Exchange Platform built by Traders to Simplify Crypto

Our Main Token sale is live NOW!

App Features:

- Horizontal Crypto View: a totally new way to stay up-to-date on all the latest crypto price movements. Our Simplified Crypto Interface or "SCI" shows information for the top five crypto assets: BitCoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), LiteCoin (LTC), BitCoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP). In our next update this list will be customizable.

- Vertical Crypto View: A minimalistic overview here you can see pricing and short term historical price movements.

- Notification Service: Stay in the know. Get updated on all things CoinMetro from our built in push notification service.

- News Feed: Get the latest news from CoinMetro and Crypto in general right from within our app. No need to go elsewhere for news.

- Sign In: Got an account with us? Login right from the app.

CoinMetro is a one-of-a-kind financial platform that will fuel the future of blockchain innovation.

Through a tokenized ecosystem CoinMetro provides a gateway for both novice and professional traders and investors to get involved in the crypto space with an ease of access not yet seen in the industry.

Our goal, above all else, is to make sure that your overall CoinMetro experience is nothing short of exemplary.

- - - Coming Soon - - -

Wallet - CoinMetro’s digital wallets let you move crypto and fiat in an out quickly and easily. Industry-leading security practices keep your funds safe and stable banking relationships make it easy to move funds around to meet your needs.

ETCF - Diversification made simple. Our team of seasoned financial pros curates baskets of digital assets based on industry, social media data, and other indicators. With one click, invest in a bunch of different tokens that have been hand-picked and grouped into an Electronically Traded Crypto Fund.

Exchange - Low fees. Fast speeds. Real fiat/crypto exchange. Advanced order types, margin trading, and high leverage options.

TAM - Ever wish someone who knew what they were doing would just take over your portfolio for a few weeks? Or months? Or forever. Or maybe take over just part of it? Or something? Anything? That’s TAM. Partner up with a pro trader of your choice and let them manage some or all of your portfolio for as long as you want. You keep the profits, they get a commission. Everybody wins.

ICO Express - Startups, companies, and projects can launch an ICO on top of our secure blockchain infrastructure. Totally customizable and incredibly easy, ICO Express is designed to give vetted projects access to the resources they need to succeed.

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● Reddit link
● Twitter profile
● Facebook product page
● Linkedin company link
● Telegram channel or chat room link
● Youtube intro video link
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garnet357 4
Beta Version 3/16/18: Unfortuately, I'm unable to either log in w/ existing account or create a new one. However, the design looks great and I'm really looking forward to utilizing the full functionality of the app, once it's completed. From the description & pictures of the beta, it looks like it has some real potential. And it would be awesome to have other options besides Coinbase as a fiat exit/entry point to the exchanges!! Will review again after app is successfully completed. Thanks to the Devs & the whole team for all your hard work to bring ease of use and adoption to important real world cryptocurrency utilization.
Jonathan 4
From what I can see it looks like this is app is going to be a winner. Very nice UI and overall appearance. If the fiat deposit/withdrawal process and the alt coin deposit/withdrawal process is as friendly and click-through simple as what I am seeing now.... Keep it up! Edit: The coin prices on the updated version of the app are all incorrect. Will there be a fix for that soon? I'd like to use it as my go to app to check prices but that obviously won't be possible until there is a fix.
Matthew 5
Great look and feel to this app. As it is a beta there are still many features that don't work, however it's always good to see progress. A few bugs that showed up on my galaxy S8+: -I'm unable to log in, for some reason the Log in button just doesn't work. - The "Buy xcm at 0.12€" at the top covers the menu buttons so they can't be used. - When viewing tokens in list view the bottom token is covered by the bottom menu buttons and cannot be seen. Apart from the small bugs that are to be expected in a beta, this app looks and feels great. Nice work!
Nathaniel 2
I am baffled at the other reviews because the application in it's current form does very little but for some reason is receiving glowing praise. - The only functionality it possesses at the moment is viewing currency prices. - It doesn't follow the design guides for Android. - Screens that havn't been implemented have a horribly stretched image saying it's being worked on. Obviously it will get better but at least for someone that works in the tech industry, it's not a strong start.
Jonathan 5
Wow! Slick UI. Looking great so far. Keep it up. Potential coinbase v2.0. Couldn't sign in despite having CM account.- WIP
Dhiraj 3
Good UI but doesnt make sense to launch a beta version with just UI. lauching beta is to test the application but what is meant to be tested here (just UI and listing and login functionality). I am an software applictation tester :) My suggestion would be to please bring another version only when 70-80% of the app is ready .. :)
Ruben 2
Can't even log in. I don't know if my password is to long or if it is because I used special characters, but the sign in button gets disabled when I type my password.
Tom 5
Solid app. Glad to see it moving forward. Looking forward to continuing to add functionality.
Awesome looking UI can't wait for a full version
que 5
Amazing and easy to use better that coinbase!!
Jacob 5
Coinmetro looks like a promising platform Period!


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