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Description & Details

A cute kitten has gotten lost! I have to get out of the alley back to the owner!

If you notice it, there is a strange back alley ...
Can a young kitten still reach the owner of her love without fail?
Variety of "strange mysteries" and "disturbing people" that stand out!
Is the road chosen to the way to the owner?

A multi-ending system that ending changes with a solved mystery!

★ 360 degree view alley back explore type, puzzle escape game ★
"Stray cat, escape from the back alley"

【Game Outline】
You are a lost child lost in the strange alleys.
Let's fumble explore the back alleys and find a way to return to the owner.
There are many "obstructors" and "mysterious mysteries" that block the way to go behind the alley.
Let's resolve each and every wisdom.
The ending will change depending on the mystery and action you choose.
The destination to which the kitten arrives ...

【Method of operation】
Screen tap ... Survey what is worrisome
Swipe screen ... move viewpoint
Item usage ... Select the item icon at the bottom of the screen
Confirm File ... Select a file from the menu at the top of the screen
Honest use ... at the top of the screen? choose
Journey progress ... Advance time and change scenes

【Capture Hint】
There are many things behind the alley. Let's tap tightly.
· The things that looks change as the situation changes. What you did not mind a while ago may appear as a hint ...
· Let's look back at the item when it becomes clogged.
· Let's dare to move forward as soon as you can not find what you can do.
· You may need to swipe and not just tap. Let's try various operations.

【Delivery Price】
You can enjoy all the endings for free.

It is a game you can play with ease. have fun.

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Latest Ratings

Kristene 5
I loved it, it was so cute and adorable. Hopefully they will add more memorys to the game so it's not over after you play it a few times. Also it would be nice to save where you are, like in the afternoon when Uncle is there. But the only thing I don't like about this game is when you do "New Game" it gives you the instructions of how to play all over again, and you've already played it once or twice. Overall a pretty good game but it could improve.
Little 4
It's so cute game I love it ❤ but seem like am having a bug in the game with the mean cat and the police station, the mean cat is sitting in the roof of Uncle's house with no dog anywhere arownd to frighten it and can't change the direction of the boards no matter how much I try.. quite sad that I can only get the second ending. But it's still sweet game 😊
Alice 5
This game was an absolute delight. Loved the story,the art and the very cute puzzles. It was easy enough that I didn't really require any hints to complete the game but challenging enough to keep me going. I'm not usually a fan of backtracking but considering how small the game is it works really well. Hoping to see more of this kind of games
AJ 3
Very likeable game. The whole 360 degree view is a pretty neat mechanic, the art style/story is cute and there's multiple endings so it makes things a little more interesting. However, sometimes the controls are a bit wonky and it's just the amount of ads you have to deal with that really put me off. Just to progress to another area, you'll have seen at least 5 ads already.
Talia 5
This game is so cute. The graphics are adorable and the story is told without the use of words which I think is very clever. The game is just challenging enough to keep you hooked, but not too challenging that you'll want to give up. It's short, but there are multiple endings so it lasts a little longer. It is sometimes hard to figure out where to go as you have to click specific spots and you can only go to some places after you have finished doing other things. But if you tap enough you'll eventually find the different areas.
Cameron 2
Interesting Puzzle Game, but I really wish you could walk to your destinations instead of navigating with sliding your finger to look around or by tapping randomly to find your destination. However I really wish there was a tutorial, because you are thrown in for a loop. Very confusing game.
Katherine 4
Cute, simple game! I enjoyed it. My only problem is the navigation of the game. I had to keep tapping or clicking several times to find my way around. For if I wasn't careful, I would miss something. Maybe have arrows to help navigation. It would save some frustration and difficulty. But other than that, it's a cute little game!
Akira 4
The story and puzzle are interesting, but the controller still bit hard to control. Also few puzzle in it kinda useless like the mystery of log and the thing that on the alley. Maybe i just haven't realize the meaning of those things... but still a great game. Especially for ending 1
I liked it, but the controls weren't super intuitive (ex. I didn't always know where an available path was). I do like that it has multiple endings, but I don't know that I'll go back through to find the others.
Janna 4
Beautiful graphics and cute story. Multiple endings; played 2.5 of the 3 available. Took off 1 star in part for the English language issues and partly because where to tap to navigate is not very obvious.
Kim 4
Cute and fun, not too hard and not too easy. Gives the option to watch a video for hints when you're stuck. The controls were a bit odd to me but still manageable

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