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Dual Sweep PXB 11 : Two Spirit Box Software In One !

PXB 11 Spirit Box, dual sweep ITC research ghost box that scans both forward and reversed audio banks, plus multi-layers of white noise and radio frequencies, to capture real time EVP and produce most effective results, almost instantly !

PXB 11 Spirit box is designed based on two main audio banks of forward and reversed speech recorded from different sources. When the software is activated, the two banks are randomly cut to small clips and mixed, to generate human-like audio and different levels of voices that spirits can use and manipulate to create words and sentences.

How it works ?

1 - Install the PXB 11 Spirit Box
2 - Ask your questions
3 - Listen as you start receiving answers ( Using an audio recorder is optional, but highly recommended )

That's it ! it's as easy and simple as that. No more wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars on ITC equipment and no more wasted time trying to figure out the best settings for your device. It's all done and ready for you.

The software is tested in real evp sessions for months, and proven to work effectively. All complicated settings are adjusted automatically. The PXB 11 Spirit Box will do all the hard work once you click on the power button ! All you need to do, is to ask your questions, listen carefully for answers or playback your recorded sessions... you will be amazed from what you're going to hear. We guarantee it.

Unlike radio based spirit box devices, the software is using limited audio banks. That means you may receive repeated sounds from time to time. How to know if what you're receiving is paranormal or it's just the software generating random audio? You need a validation process once you start your session. Ask specific questions. Starting with - for example - asking if someone is present at the moment or not... this is important to make sure that what you're receiving from the spirit box is actual spiritual-paranormal communication, and not random audio from the software. If what you're receiving is random - irrelevant - words or sentences, then there is nothing wrong with the spirit box, that's exactly what it does, it only means that there is no paranormal communication established at the moment. Maybe there are no spirits present or they simply don't want to talk! This is true when you're using a software based spirit box or hardware spirit box.

Please keep in mind that the PXB 11 Spirit Box is not a prank software or a toy. It's a serious ghost box for paranormal investigation and EVP communication.

If you have any questions or need any help, contact us anytime.


Side note and a message : I’m not trying to force my beliefs on you in any way. But I feel in my heart that I have to say this to you. Thank you for your forgiveness and understanding…The spirit box is a tool we use to communicate with an unseen realm. We don’t know who or what we’re communicating with. We can believe what we want, but until this moment, according to my knowledge, we have no way to really know..

At the same time, all around the world, there is a spiritual awakening happening. It is my fear for you, that the spirit box would be used to fight this spiritual awakening. Please use this tool carefully. Be aware of the fact that whatever comes from it, could be good or evil. If it’s evil, it can use it to win your trust and faith in it, whatever it takes.

I’m releasing this tool to you, for one purpose only, so you can see for yourself, that there is more than the material world in existence. That what we call spiritual realm, does exist. Use it and have fun with it but don’t let it be used against you. Thank you

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Morbid 4
This is quite good. A step up from the former version. You have to be quick to catch what's said and recording if possible is a good thing for play back extra confirmation. Yet you can get Real Time EVP with this! And it's not to overloaded with sounds so you have a chance to digest. If you want more just come out of the app leaving it live and go back in and press start again for double sound or more. Has a nice quality clear sound to the frequencies. It's a good app and cheap too for what it can do and you should get many results with this and quite consistently also. There are a few vague sound words but if you wait for the energy to be allowed to build up through its systems and not jump on every word you hear and let it settle a bit you should find it works well.
Drew 5
I like it a lot, though I hope the developers in the future add a record button for playback and review. Other than that a very cool app that does seem to work well!
CardiacTap 5
Awesome app! I have talked with many people who have passed. A recording that can slow down would be great.
allyshae 4
I really didn't get to test it, but later I will along with my feedback. I have every app for spirit box and communication and I truly have high hopes for this one.
Neil 3
It's to fast can't hear what they are saying

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