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The Kashmir Horizon as an English daily newspaper, publish from Kashmir

The publication of “Kashmir Horizon” as an English daily was started with a modest attempt on May 19, 2008.It has been a Himalayan attempt for The Kashmir Horizon to survive the challenges posed to journalism in the violence fraught place like Jammu & Kashmir state. Amid gags from power echelons for pen, propensity truth and audacity to unwrap that is happening under the carpet, a news paper has a pivotal role in territories reeling under a swath of a precarious situation like Jammu & Kashmir and The Kashmir Horizon has coalesced all the affordable might to bring the public vent to the fore. We feel satisfied with the little service, the news paper has rendered to the voiceless for their problems, grievances and the issues they wanted us to highlight. We at the Kashmir Horizon believe that the greatest service for a news paper must be a voice to the voiceless and a quiver to those who muffle the voice of hapless. It is only possible by keeping a distance from those enjoying reigns of power, putting up any political mantle or in proximity with the bureaucratic power. The highest professional satisfaction for any newspaper in the real sense is the impartial and rational approach, but unfortunately all these imperatives have started evaporating, boiling down the profession to a naught and more so in Jammu & Kashmir state. The spiraling trend of news papers to provide a quarter to every hiss of a politician, ignoring the poor society and the vital ingredients of its fabric have engendered a jaundiced view of reader towards the news paper. Today a lot of gulf and trust deficit exists between a reader and a news paper. In our modest attempt, we have tried to represent those who are crushed, who were left unheeded, but it was only possible by clinging to ethos of journalism. The paramount pre-requisite in this regard is to keep a distance from those wielding power, as we at the Kashmir Horizon have the firm faith in the adage that poor makes a man corrupt and absolute power corrupts him absolutely. Not the power mix, but people’s empowerment is our vision and motive. In the course of its long journey of more than nine years, ‘ The Kashmir Horizon’ stands at a critical juncture today, but determination and commitment matters beyond everything. We invoke Allah’s blessings for accomplishing the mission, which is no primrose but a bumpy, tedious path with thorns strewn all along. Above all we don’t have any boastful vent for what we did in our nine year long journey. It is difficult to prophesy at threshold before climbing the mountain which is steep and sapping, but who escape duck blind in journalism are the biggest achievers, not those who resort to pomp and show and are trapped much to the wilt of public.

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