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Vibration application (measuring - storing - analyzing)

It's time to do vibration measurements on your smartphone. You carry the little "all-rounders" with you every day, so why not perform vibration analyses with them?

The new generations of smartphones have integrated acceleration sensors that can measure acceleration in all three directions at the same time. This app may be used as vibrometer, accelerometer or vibration acceleration sensor.
Simply place your smartphone on any vibrating object with the myFrequency app and determine the relevant natural frequencies/ eigenfrequencies in just a few seconds. At the same time, the accelerations are recorded in all three axes and stored in a text file on the smartphone for direct analysis on the smartphone or for subsequent processing on the computer. The data can either be transferred via USB cable or directly in the app with an e-mail to the computer. In addition, recorded measurements can be reloaded and analyzed directly on the smartphone. After the measurement by means of a Fourier transformation (FFT), the user has a frequency spectrum that can be examined in different ways. On the one hand, the entire measurement signal or, if noise regions were included, only a selected subrange of the measurement can be examined and calculated. It uses window functions to eliminate clipping effects and trend filters to optimize the frequency spectrum.
Damping values can also be calculated within seconds and you get information about the sensor of your smartphone.
In addition to the frequency with the maximum acceleration amplitude, all other excited frequencies can be individually selected and interpreted. Numerous tests were carried out to prove the applicability of the app for vibration analysis of structures and components. The tests revealed deviations from professional measuring sensors of less than 1%. Thus, you can use this app to examine simple objects from everyday life to real structures such as columns, ceilings and bridges easily without much effort and without expensive measurement techniques, such as geophones and accelerometers. Measure vibrations of a dynamic measurement anywhere and anytime you want to prevent systems of resonance effects. Everything you need is in your smartphone.

Whether as a professional civil engineer, mechanical engineer, student or as a layman, a vibration is visualized with this app, analyzed and made tangible.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us so that we can continue to develop the app.

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Great app! Provides fundamental analysis of vibration test measurements in a well presented format. Very easy to use and well supported.
Alex 5
I can't seem to update my previous review. The developers updated the app to be able to record & recall measurements and now it is working great. I am measuring vibration in a building that only occurs every few minutes. So I can't monitor in real-time. Thank you for fixing this issue so quickly.
Chris 5
As a mechanical engineer whose job it is to diagnose vibration problems on machinery, piping and structures, this app is fantastic. This is a great tool to have to do spot checks when I don't have access to a vibration analyzer, or to coach customers to do their own spot checks and email me the results (of course this doesn't replace detailed audits on critical assets). I've tried nearly all other vibration measurement apps, and this one is by far the best.


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