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By ARATNON - 2D RPG Game Category Role Playing #2

Description & Details

Unlock & upgrade heroes, loot legendary weapons, fight monsters and epic bosses!

Dunidle is an idle RPG dungeon crawler game with 2d pixel graphic style.

Collect gold, upgrade and build your team up with the most powerful heroes. Loot enchanted magical legendary weapons from legendary chest to fight against monsters from different dungeons and the most epic bosses.

Download now and enter the world of Dunidle!!

• Idle and offline RPG gameplay with 2D pixel style.
• Crawl through endless and random dungeons.
• Fight against many different types of monsters and epic bosses.
• Upgrade and manage your party with many different choices of tactic.
• Collect gold, unlock and upgrade the most powerful heroes: Knight, Thief, Priest, Archer, Wizard, Barbarian, Druid, Paladin, Templar and Necromancer.
• Loot equipments from mysterious and legendary chests to discover enchanted or legendary new unique weapons.
• Discover Many different weapons: sword, dagger, bow, staff, mace, spear etc.
• Collect the most powerful artifacts from epic bosses.


Knight is the bravest hero. He is not afraid of any monsters or bosses, with his sword he can attack defeat all of them. His strength can lead the team to a victory.

Thief is the most speedy hero. His combat with powerful daggers can attack on any monsters and bosses with deadly damage.

Priest is a guardian of the team. He can recover his team's health and prevent his team from any dangerous attack of monsters and bosses.

Archer is a sniper of the team. His powerful long range attack can shoot any monsters and bosses no matter how strong they are.

Wizard is the most powerful magical heroes of the team. He uses his magic arcane power for enhance his attack damage. No any monsters and bosses can fight against him.

Barbarian is a hero who is driven with his anger. Whenever he is angry, his attack is becoming very powerful. All of monsters and bosses will be afraid when he is angry.

Druid is summoner hero. His magic can summon the most powerful creature to crush all monsters and bosses.

Paladin is a defender of the team. Monsters and bosses will receive more damages from his support ability.

Templar is a defensive character of the team. Any damage from monsters and bosses will be prevented from hurting his team by his shield.

Necromancer is most mysterious yet powerful of the team. He draws souls from dead monsters. Each souls can build his damage up and improve his curse which can weaken enemies strength.

If you have any suggestions or problems, feel free to contact me at: contact.aratnon@gmail.com

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Latest Ratings

Justin 4
Fun game but needs updates. I killed the level 500 monster. Nothing after that yet. This thing really sucks my battery. Either find out what's using so much power or add options to turn off effects or something. Can't wait for more levels...
Austin 3
Even with the sound off I keep hearing ads. If this is an idle rpg then it's one for the devs. Having unseen ads in the background farming revenue is pretty shady. Even if it's not the case I still find it very annoying since I can't have this game going with my own music.
Ed 3
When everything is buyable with real money or tons and tons of hours grinding I feel like playing a EA game. I can understand it's a free game but it feels like some prices a ridiculous and not everything should be buyable with real money. But don't get me wrong the game is still good even if I don't understand the point of resetting at the 100th floor why can't we choose when you want to reset. By the way drains a lot of battery...
Velson 2
The update at 13DEC17 is terrible. its causing the game suddenly unresponding while playing. please fix it or else i will unistall it at next update. thanks.
Alex 3
While this game is fun, it 100% needs to have split screen support.
Aaron 5
Id rather buy items i like from a store but its ok
Sir 5
Really good game. Lots of fun. Good time consumer.
Kevin 3
Great effort. Graphics are well done. Gameplay.. Hmm.. Well.. The AI is very lacking. My priest charges head first into battle while my knight picks flowers. Be prepared to grind.. Which is fine. It's a free game! With that being said, the IAPs are extremely high. I get it.. You all put a ton of time and effort into this. I'll be more than happy to support you but not like that. Loot... Why does it not drop from Bosses? It makes no sense... At all that monsters don't drop loot and that I have to purchase a chest. Also.. Idle rpg.not really.. It doesn't play in the background. You can't setup an auto party to restart when you die. You have to be in the app to make progress... Sooooooo.. It's not really an idle game? Don't get me wrong.. I do like this game and I hope with some improvements it can be made better... So give it a shot.
Challenge 5
Gotta say took me by surprise, good job with this. Great fun, can't seem to out it down, retro graphics add such an old school charm, I love it, and the micro manage and send em off system is perfect for my play style. Just kudos on every aspect so far. Thank you for the game.
Χρήστος 3
OK so my save didn't work and had to import when I opened it again, no idea why. Also I lost my equipment for no apparent reason too. Moreover it needs a better tutorial. And some game play element other than just watching...
Nate 4
I really like this game. I put a few hours into and even spent a few bucks for some legendary weapons. Up until that point where I spent money the game ran smoothly. I beat the first universe and as I was finishing a run the game crashed on me and will not start back up. I'm afraid to uninstall because I will lose all the gems and weapons i,bought. The devs haven't responded to my emails for help.


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