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You’re always prepared with the latest weather forecast from BBC Weather.

Wherever you are, and whatever your plans, you’re always prepared with the latest
weather forecast from BBC Weather. Now even easier to understand, with more
locations and more hourly information.

Main features:
Get the information you need – fast. Including...
● At-a-glance forecasts, so you can make decisions quickly
● Hourly data up to 14 days ahead (in UK locations and major international cities)
● “Chance of precipitation”, giving you a heads up about rain, hail or snow
● “Feels like” temperature, which takes into account wind strength
● Met Office weather warnings, personalised to locations that matter to you
● Social-friendly forecasts, sharable on Facebook, Twitter and email
● Text-to-speech accessibility
● Easy-to-read, intuitive layout

Weather app and your privacy:
To display weather in your current location just activate the location services on your device. (For Android 6.0 or later, you’ll find them in Settings>Apps>BBC Weather>Permissions>Locations.)

Don’t worry, your precise location is not shared with the BBC. The app just chooses the closest location where weather information is available.

This info is kept anonymous, secure and we won’t share it with anyone. No other personal data relating to you will be sent to the BBC either (for instance, a username, email address or unique device identifier).

You can read more about the BBC’s Privacy and Cookies Policy at

If you don’t want the BBC Weather app to display the weather at your current location, just go to Settings>Apps>BBC Weather>Permissions>Locations, and select “off”.

About BBC Weather:
BBC Weather is responsible for preparing and broadcasting weather forecasts across the BBC, in association with the Meteogroup . It broadcast its first weather forecast in 1922 and by 1936 was pioneering the use of weather maps during TV forecasts. The BBC Weather App was launched in 2013 and is now one of the most popular weather apps in the UK.

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Latest Ratings

New BBC weather contract brings us an 'improved' app. The improvement is huge letters and numbers for the current hour with the days ahead now tiny icons at the bottom of the screen. Too.much information squeezed into a small space. Once again a perfectly functional app is 'improved' but developers have made a complete hash of it. Nice to see licence fee payers money is being well spent, NOT !
Elizabeth 2
I used to love this app until it was updated and 'improved' please give me back the old version it was much better. I used to be able to save specific postcode which I used a lot and found very useful. Sadly no more, the little circle just spins round and round and round and cannot find the location. Please sort this out. I find there is too much information which is not necessary. Please give us back the older version
Glynis 5
I really like this site. Appears 2b on the ball gives regular updates 2. I think I've tried every weather app there is but always come back here. Nobody can give better UK weather for ANY area. Would recommend 4 sure. Well worth installing kept me up-to-date when the weather was bad. GREAT. Add - The new up-date looks really good - more info. Thanks.
Rebecca 1
At one time the app was really good. Over the last day or so it no longer shows up to date forecasts of some of my saved locations. Some of my locations are showing dates from 2017. Uninstalled an reinstalled and it hasn't helped. I can now no longer see some of my previous saved locations and when I re-enter the postcodes it just keeps saying loading. It has been saying this for the last 6 hours.
Leigh 5
Tried a few other apps, but always come back to this. Easy to read, accurate (as far as any forecast can be) and best of all, no ads! Just updated, really needs % chance of rain. Every other weather app has this, if the BBC did I'd not bother with any others Now it has % of rain!
Used this for years. Latest update has broken the widget transparency control. The widget is always an opaque blue block squatting on my home screen. The same effect observed on 4 devices: Tab S2, Nexus 5X, OnePlus5 and current generation Moto G. If the developer can't be bothered to perform basic functional testing before release I can't be bothered to use their app. Plenty of other weather apps are available, with transparent widgets.
Tony 1
This new version is really poor. It looks great with good functionality but that's where it ends. The weather in the next hour is good but you can't depend on anything else. What is focast for hours and days on end changes by the minute and is nothing like what had been forecast earlier. I'd rather have more accurate forecasts than accourate 'nowcasts'. Disappointed!
New app looks OK with more useful information. Like the feel like figures but want to scroll through the day and not have to open each hour individually. However is it any better at forecasting? So far seems no better and contradicts other apps but which one will be right today.........
mick 5
Clear, informative and easy to use. No ads, so truly free. New "feels like" temperature and precipitation predictions make it complete for all but the geekiest user... Thanks Beeb! (Btw: widget 100% transparency doesn't work but 99% does!??!)
Andrew 2
Since the update at the end of January 2018 and the move away from the Met Office, this has become too cluttered, difficult to read and data - heavy. It's taking 66MB of space. The Met Office app is less than half the size, providing much the same info is half the size. I'm uninstalling the BBC app and going back to the Met Office.
Peter 5
An excellent app. At last with update 3.0.7 we have the possibility of precipitation as text and a percentage. That's something everyone wants to know. Thank you, developers! It's taken years quite literally, but you've finally lived up to your promise. :-)

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