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Basic English Bible Pro or Adfree version at a price

BBE Bible or Bible in Basic English lite version completely offline.
Are you looking for an easy to read Holy Bible. Then we can suggest to you bbe bible or bible in basic English. As the name sounds, it is the bible in basic English for those who find it difficult to understand the king james bible. Even though some important words have been replaced or completely changed, reading this Bible will help you to know God in a completely new way. Having the Bible in an easy to understand language is a good think. For most people, the King James is difficult to understand. We thank God this BBE Bible is in public domain for the body of Christ.

Our goal has been to spread the word of God all around the internet. These days we find ourselves with our mobile phones all the time. As a result having a bible on your phone means you can always read it on the go. In this 21st century we have found ourselves busy with some many things. It could either be our work or something that keeps us occupied all the time. Jesus loves us so much and wants us to become who He has called us to be. Heaven is a given if our life is committed to Jesus Christ. But remember, you don’t become a Christian just because you want to make it to Heaven. God wants all of your being dedicated to Him.

In serving God, we can minister in the church, join the choir, join the prayer group and all others. Prayer that is birth from our relationship with Holy Spirit who connects us to our Heavenly Father is what first changes use and then those around us. We believe as Christian, we should study the bible everytime. We shouldn’t wait to be in church and open the bible when the preacher, pastor or minister is preaching. Our lifestyle should represent what the bible says.
Features of this BBE Bible
1. Get notified of daily verses
These are power pack inspirational BBE Bible verses that you can meditate on daily and it will be a blessing to you. You can easily share the verses on any social media such us twitter, Facebook and others. That is the goal of sharing and let us populate all media with the gospel of Christ.

2. Bookmark
Catch up where you left off with a simple bookmark. As you read the bbe bible when you come across a verse that your spirit aligns with. That is when you bookmark this verse so you can get to it quickly.

3. Notes
Ever since we started day care we usually take notes or we have so much to write. We get homework to do at home and then when going to high school there is so much that is

4. Highlight
Mark favorite verses with all sorts of colors that gives it more meaning.

5. Quick Search
You can quick search for any book or term by using our fast and efficient search system.

You are no longer restricted to reading hard copy of the BBE Bible with the availability of this app on your phone. You can indeed download the latest version of the Bible, that is both easy to read and understand.

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