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Find fresh ripe fruits and vegetables for your basket when grocery shopping

FreshSavvy uses your camera to accentuate the color and texture of fruits and vegetables, highlighting the flaws and helping you discover the best of what’s available.

Do the fruits and vegetables at your grocery market look great? Then just buy them!

If they appear "mixed" or "so-so" then FreshSavvy may be able to help.

FreshSavvy can:

• Show the broccoli crowns with the least amount of flowering
• Find the most yellow lemons and bananas or the reddest of a so-so bunch of tomatoes
• Make flaws in soft fruits like Strawberries more apparent in-spite of grocery store lighting that is often deceptive by careful design

FreshSavvy is:

Simple to use - No visual fluff, no annoying delays; just point-and-shoot to see if any of the adjustments are helpful
Lightweight - The app has a small footprint on your device and consumes very little in resources
Minimalistic - Only basic permissions are required. Google Play Services is not required!
Inexpensive - Produce is expensive. FreshSavvy will pay for itself the first time it identifies something better than what you might have put into your basket on your own

"So... It's a magical app guaranteed to make me The Eternal God of Flawless Produce?"

Full disclosure: No it isn't!

Because there are so many kinds of fruits and vegetables and near infinite combinations of ripeness and lighting, the experience may feel a little hit-and-miss. If your grocer just filled an empty shelf with perfect broccoli, FreshSavvy will very quickly show you there is indeed no difference. If the same shelf contains a mix of items of varying freshness, the app can often put the differences between them into stark relief.

Similarly, if you point it at soft fruit like strawberries in high-end grocery store lighting, you may be horrified by the details FreshSavvy can expose. But you might also see no difference, in which case you can feel more confident in your purchase.

Another example: If the tomatoes or oranges look very close to one another, FreshSavvy can help you zero in on the items with the strongest color. It can't squeeze or smell them for you, but it's another step you can work into your process to improve your results.

Whatever happens, using FreshSavvy will be fast and you will walk away knowing that you lowered the chances of taking home bad produce or, even better, as the hero who snagged one of the last good pieces in the bunch!

FreshSavvy: "Select the best"

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