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Description & Details

World of a detective and mystic, secrets and inner alchemical transformations

Do you like mystery stories, full of secrets? Are you tired from typical games? Download new three - dimensional application RiddLord to solve old scary crimes, find the hidden object and hit a nerve.

H2: What we offer you

An excellent 3D graphics.
Some kind of horror.
Interesting quest.
The puzzle and mystery, pulling at player, pulling away his real life.
Some kind of escape from reality.
Real immerse oneself into investigation.
Good sound.
A breathtaking mysteries of the world-famous cases like "Zodiac" and "Real Night Hunter".
Special details of adventure, which will lead to reflection and to a change in your life.
The connection between the plot and the gameplay with the oldest mystical and philosophic systems.
A bunch of games are linked in one story.

H2: The plot

It is the first-person searching game, where you tryto reveal a secret of the past. Jack Rede is the FBI agent, who tries to search for his kidnapped child unsuccessfully. The storyline based on the fiction character’s life, which is connected to real stories about unsolved cases and criminals, who are free and still aren’t in the prison. You must try to find the key of old murder and of the room and demand justice.

H2: The main characters

It is the first-person quest. The player is Jack Rede and this is a familycase for him. Also there is some mystery Riddlord who kidnapped Spark, Jack Reed's son. It would seem that there are 2 nice guys and one bad guy. But in the end you will find out all secrets of the past that have famous detective and Jack the catcher of serial killers. And be sure, there are much more than two or three.

H2: The gameplay

You are in the house, where are more than 100 devices and other items, and you can examine each of them, rotate in hands and perform other actions on them. Each room is a great quest for your alertness and ability to act logically. You must try to find a hidden objectand solve old crime.

H2: The main features

Interesting adventure.
Accessible to everyone in full version.
Focus on the human person.
Heightened attention on one crime scene.
It is like a tower of puzzles or quest, where everything is connected and you cannot escape.
Interesting both for kids and adults.
No difference between the dream and real life.
A lot of freesymbols and secrets, some kind ofhidden object.
The games for brave and brainy people.
Asking a lot of a difficult questions to yourself.

It is a new great free game and it is launched on App Store, Google Play, Steam and Mac Store in December 2017.You can feel as a true detective with different kinds of devices, solve the murder and finish this complicated investigation. The bad one cannot escape his prison.

H2: Note that

Amrita Studio now is a new one in the gaming industry, but they have everything for successful start – bank ofcreativity, inspiration and burning desire to do amazing things in the game industry. So they have a lot of cool, sometimes horror ideas to share with society of gamers all over the world for free. Leave your personal, honest opinion about Riddlord in Google Play and help others to discover the mystery Universe of Riddlord and find every hidden object.
Download and check – it is a new great challenge 4 you and for world of games. Open the door and try to escape the room. But remember, the fate of Jack Reed and his son is in your hands!

RiddLord application – #1 of the mysterious stories in the game world

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Latest Ratings

Jo 1
Not impressed. Trying to get the corner pieces into the right places around the floating ball but nothing happening. I have the clue about the rabbit so I know where they need to go but can only place a cornerpiece on the top blue position and can't move it anywhere else. I've checked on a video walkthrough and I'm using the right piece. Clues no help.
John 2
A bit glitchy. Got to the Rubik's cube part and the entire cube is just broken. I can't even see what goes where. The game is very difficult, but in a good way. It makes you think and remember. I just don't like the weird glitch.
Alison 3
Have spent the last three nights working on the 45 degree puzzle, moving the 4 pieces around and it will just not catch. Have watched the walk through a few times for that section and nothing helpful stands out. Very frustrating. Have liked the game until this point but can not move forward in the game until this is solved and it looks like it might be a glitch preventing it to come together.
Grendel 5
It's working now on my s6, a bit difficult to use the controls, as the zooming feature is a bit cumbersome. Gameplay however with the graphics is pretty good. Thank you for the immediate feedback on fixing bugs! Really good game! Much like the room series and da Vinci's code.
Marisa 4
It's was freaking great.... until I got stuck, I think it's a glitch. On the astrological sun puzzle your supposed to place the astrological signs in the right place and place the coin you get from behind a picture on the wall on top of the right astrological sign to complete the puzzle, however, my sun coin does not work anywhere. I watched the walk thru and they have a moon coin so I don't know if that's the hang up, either way, I 've re done the puzzle for 2 weeks and can't get past that part. But I over all love the concept and puzzles
Joe 5
"I LOVE THIS GAME" These games have won me over. The BEST puzzle games is game EXACTLY like this one. Just as good as the room but not yet as sharp. Keep growing people. You people are going to make history
Dianna 4
It's a good game graphics are nice. Would increase the rating to 5 easily if the controls moved smoother,and the glitches were fixed on putting pieces were they belong to complete puzzles.
Martin 1
One of the worst games I've ever played, just awful. 'Hints' are completely useless, they don't help whatsoever. The rubiks cube is just broken, can't do anything with the cipher or anything. Seriously people, don't waste your time with this crappy game.
Kim 1
Developers HELP!- why am I only getting a black screen when I open the app??? I've paid for this and I have experienced zero game play.
Dean 1
I want a refund for this game. I paid for it and I get nothing but a black screen. How do I get my money back because it's a joke tbh
steven 1
It did not work on galaxy s7.i uninstalled it / reloaded it twice but still nothing after title screen .i want a refund


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