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✨Dare to try a brand new otome game that will leave you craving for sequels!✨

🌟'I double-clicked on the icon and started playing Shadowtime. I desperately waited to create my own world, MY NEW ME!'🌟

DEAR FANS, get ready for a TOTAL MIND-BLOWER from your favorite developers! A brand new interactive “love story” game combining elements of virtual reality and RPG with beautiful manga characters and illustrations is finally out! Immerse yourself in the most thrilling gaming experience ever while you shape your destiny and make life-determining choices on your way to true love! Anime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨ is aiming to capture the hearts of our deareast game fans and keep them hooked and desperate for new releases. Don't lose any of your precious time – download Shadowtime right away and start living the love story you've always dreamed of!
DOWNLOAD NOW! and start your gripping VR adventure if:
✨ You like playing any kind of otome games free;
✨ You want to experience an unusual kind of love set in two worlds;
✨ You're a fan of RPG games or virtual reality games;
✨ You love Japanese games, manga or anime games;
✨ You'd love to create your own avatar;
✨ You enjoy impressive visuals, animations and unpredictable plot twists;
✨ You're hooked to anime love story simulation games for girls and guys alike;
✨ You wish to name and customize your character the way you want;
✨ You want to create your own path by making personal choices at critical moments that change the story line!

✨Only in “Anime Love Story Games”: ✨Shadowtime✨ - one of the best dating sim games for girls on the market!
🌟 🌟 🌟 SUPPORTED LANGUAGES: Polski, Türkçe, Español, Português, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, bahasa Indonesia, Srpski, Русский, عربى , 日本語, 한국어, 中文!

It's time to dive into the most immersive anime love story ever!

✨Download this fantastic teenage love story and enjoy the superb anime style illustrations that go along with the romance novel you create. Veiled in suspense, this game presents you with original characters and creative plot that combines two different worlds. Anime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨ offers you a chance to play a game within a game combining elements of RPG and VR. Above all, it is also one of the most carefully written interactive story games offering you new stories and chapters on a regular basis. "Choose your storyline" and don't miss the chance to try the best otome games English free. These virtual love story games can be yours in a few seconds! Write your own manga romance!

Create an anime character and make your own story of love!

✨Looking for an original shoujo game romance with fantastic characters and thrilling plot full of suspense that will leave you craving for more sequels? Become the heroine of your story as it evolves into a stunning romance. Decide on the look of your heroine in real life AND in the game she plays. Engage yourself in avatar creation and customize it with accessories. Download Anime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨, one of the most addicting anime and “manga games” and watch hours fly by in a simple gameplay! “Story games for adults”!

A childhood friend or a popular gamer? What's your choice?

✨Curious to become a heroine whose life changes at the same time when the most popular video game is released? Torn between your old school friend and a new popular guy, you're about to encounter various difficulties that this secret romance game carries along the way. However, you should know one thing: there's no mistake with our “avatar games” with virtual worlds and “English otome games”! If you love to play “manga love games” that you can date in or "interactive story games", we have a perfect app to keep you entertained for hours. Hurry up to find out your ideal love in Anime Love Story Games: ✨Shadowtime✨ FREE! We guarantee that both girls and boys will be thrilled about our new "simulation games"!

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emily 5
This is one of my favourite apps. I love the Japanese style graphics better than the Vampire Love story style ( though I love that story too). I can relate to the main character at the start being quiet and wanting to escape to another world. I like you can choose what you're virtual avatar looks like. And I like that the people are animated, not a still image like other otomes. And you get to see your main character unlike some others. AND ITS FREE!!!! 😸 No ticket and diamond systems. Only problem is waiting for new chapters to come out. But they have been putting a new chapter every 7-14 days. Thank you Devs!
Lindy 4
This game is amazing!! The only thing i dont like is how the updates take so long, but thats just life. I love how you get to play ShadowTime and make your own character. But you could add a bit more drama between the two boys. Thanks and bye
Sazzy 5
Great game - addictive and we'll written. To be honest, better than I expected it to be. Unlike a lot if other games I've played within this genre. It keeps you hooked, and has replay value depending on whether or not you wish to pursue both suitors, which I do! My only mild gripe is that there are, at the time of this review, only up to chapter nine. I don't mind waiting, as this game is very well done and worth the wait, but it's challenging when the story/story development is so addictive! Highly recommend, and there are no micro-payments. I'll take watching a few adds over those any day! Thanks! :)
Amy-Rose 4
Overall, it's a good game. I just find that there are a few spelling and grammar mistakes throughout it. Also waiting for the next chapters can become very tedious and slightly bothering. But I still really enjoy the story line and gameplay.
Kordor 5
I Loved it❤ I seriously enjoyed playing the game. Its so realistic and absolutely Free! I couldn't choose between the guys though they're both cute😄😂 Please Update Soon!
Swiftpaw334 5
Amazing game! I'd love it if the chapters were added a tiny bit quicker as I'm excited for what's going to happen next (even though they do come out in around 10-20 days). Also, can there be an option to save it to Google play games? As I don't want to lose my progress when I get a new phone. The art is stunning as well.
Cornelia 5
Free and wonderfully made, just hoping the updates won't take too long! :) Ps sometimes the necks are a bit too short and the eyes wayyy too big. That's as far as I can criticise...
Kathy 5
Great game! Animations are smooth, art is beautiful, and plot is pretty good. Moves a little slow but I won't complain as long as chapters keep coming out! Can't wait for more
Nashi 5
I really love this game!!! This is my first visual game. This game is awesome. I really love the storyline. Please update soon! I'm hype for the next chapter!! A game inside a game is awesome if you know what i mean^^ The game inside is like sao 😍 Love this game btw
cubbleshasreturned 4
I love it! Great storyline, very interactive, fun and the character is adorable. I don't like how we have to wait for the next chapter but so far it's free so I don't mind. It's also sort of cool how we play a game within the game
Rebecca 2
The main girl makes me want to smother her with a pillow. She is so whiny. I was over it very quickly.

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