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Pure Gas is a simple front end app for the popular website pure-gas.org. You get a list of 100 ethanol-free gas stations sorted nearest to furthest. Just click on the one you like, and get driving directions!

Version 2.0 now includes an excellent map feature to help find ethanol-free fuel in just the spots your interested in.

For more information on Pure Gas, please visit pure-gas.org

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Michael 2
Can't enter or suggest new stations Yeah, there's some non ethanol stations, but I am sitting in the parking lot of a Quick Trip in Tulsa that has E0-87 and it is not mapped. I understand not allowing users to freely enter stations via the app, but a request-to-add feature is severely needed. I don't have the time to fluff around getting on the actual website and trying to enter it nor am I going to remember when I do get time. Disappointing to say the least.
Brian 5
Works well For Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) you will need to go into app permissions and enable storage (in addition to the location permission that it asks for upon opening), otherwise app won't show closest stations... It will show ALL stations as 0 miles away.
Fist 3
It works but could use improvement. There is now way to add prices or locations. That would make it a way better app.
JC 5
Works great! However, some info on gas stations is incorrect. Would be nice if you are able to add notes. For example, my station has 93 non-ethonal and the app states 91 and 87; which is incorrect.
Gord 3
Handy but basic. It's a handy app but it would be nice if you could filter the list by octane level. As others have mentioned, being able to update the database (edit, add, etc) from the app would be very convenient.
benjamin 4
Works! My local place is listed in cross plains
The 2
Was directed to two stations that didn't even exist while out of town.
William 5
Needed this app Ethanol keeps gumming up my engines and this has is best for mowers, boats, etc
Andrew 1
Not accurate Doesn't show some stations that have ethanol free gas and shows stations that only have ethanol gas. Worthless. I'll just look for BP stations in my area.
Robert 1
No Stations in Austin? Really? Not comprehensive at all.
keith 5
Update: 11/17/15 Yay! Now works! Thanks so much, this is fantastic app for finding E0. Please keep it working. I'll spread the word :-) update 11/7/15: please fix your app! I'll even pay for it. Nobody else has an app, free or pay, for finding E0. Nov 2015 When it works... But it keeps crashing. Please fix your app so we can use it!

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