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Take control of multiple aircraft to complete a variety of missions!

The ultimate VR flying game comes to Daydream!

In Ultrawings, you'll pilot multiple aircraft to complete tons of missions while soaring around beautiful islands.

Full support for the Daydream controller for the most immersive flight game available on mobile VR!

Key Features:

- Pilot 3 distinct aircraft each with their own handling characteristics!

- Soar around 3 unique, beautifully-stylized islands!

- Earn money to buy new airports and new vehicles! Ultrawings is a VR game with real progression!

- Lots gameplay variety! Pop balloons, perform spot landings, fly through score rings, and even perform emergency landings! Ultrawings is the ultimate hobbyist flight game!

- Full VO support guides you through the game!

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Cerl 5
I love this game! If you ever had Wii Sports Resort it's similar to the plane game on there and I could play that one for hours and now I can do a similar thing in VR. The planes feel great to fly and all the jobs are really fun to do and offer a good variety of challenge. Sometimes the menus can be a little wonky, resetting me back to the office right in the middle of a mission but to be honest I was having too much fun soaring through the sky to care that much! I think the only difference between this version and the vive version is the graphics and control which is impressive as well. Overall Ultrawings is a must have game for Daydream and one that I will play for a long time!
Dale 4
Really want to love this game, playing using Daydream 2017 and Pixel 2 XL. I am unable to add any throttle??! Is there something I'm missing. Please help. There seems to be no icon displayed when I look at the throttle control, and I have tried my best but am unable to add any throttle and get going...?? Thanks for the help, revisited the app and worked fine. Your game is brill.
John 3
It's fun and pretty well executed on the control feel. There are however a few things I would add/change, mostly from a visuals perspective to make it more immersive (speaking as a long-time both real-world and simulator pilot): 1. Some ground rolling effect and general engine vibrations (check out EZCA on YouTube for what these effects do to a simulator); for example, a bump on touchdown (based on how hard you land) would substantially increase realism. 2. Shadows would help enhance the depth affect (from aircraft, scenery and clouds) 3. There's a bit of a disconnect between the ground scenery and sky; if you're going for the cartoon look (which is fine) keep it consistent with the clouds. 4. Add an altimeter and VSI for all aircraft, and I would try to put the instruments in the pilot's line of sight. The airspeed indicator on the ultralight is pretty low resolution, and until you 5. Different weather scenarios would be challenging (maybe these come later, I don't know; e.g. wind/rain/low visibility) If some of these were added, it could easily become one of the best "light" simulator apps out there.
Dario 5
The game that I always wanted! Since I was a kid I wanted a VR flight Sim and Ultrawings delivers, immersion is great and it's amazing how well they managed to implement the controls even with the limited capabilities of the Daydream remote, The experience is great, balloon popping and spot landing are haps of fun and the game is pretty long with lots of replay value. One thing if recommend the implementation of is a user-defined session time limit, the addictive nature of the game means that you don't realise how long you have been playing and the phone can get really hot as a consequence. A great addition to the Daydream's library, totally worth the money.
David 5
I'm just getting going with this, but I'm very impressed. This works really well with the Daydream. If you're looking for a lighthearted flying VR experience, I definitely recommend this. This should have way more downloads than it does.
Mark 5
Really amazing. Feels like flying. Controls are easy to learn. Phone gets really hot though so I have to take frequent breaks but otherwise really cool.
Andrew 1
Just tried this looks awesome but trying to get the ultralight down the runway straight is hard always going left when I put my thumb straightforward have to kinda zig zag down runway keeps going left.
Rob 5
Wow! If you keep development up on this i this it would be my go-to game. I loved the idea and excellently executed. Reminds me of pioltwings64, a jetpack would be fun too...more aircraft in the future please.
Matt 5
I'm quite impressed with this. I was skeptical that they'd be able to adapt this to a single 3 dof controller but I was pleasantly surprised.
Sébastien 1
Won't start on my Pixel 2. Crash at the start-up screen.
Davy 1
Freezes at initial loading screen on my Samsung s8.

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