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Start Garbage Garage. Buy, sell used vehicles, vehicle parts and make business

Want to start your own vehicle business? If you love vehicles and automobiles, you will love this virtual business game of vehicles. It is unique and extremely entertaining.
Junkyard Tycoon is a game where you start your own garbage garage, buy vehicles or vehicle parts, detach vehicle parts, sell them and make profit. While you slowly make good business out of junk vehicle parts, you become a junkyard tycoon.Just keep buying and selling vehicles or vehicle parts. The twist of the game is that you can make profit while selling different vehicle parts. You can buy Car,Truck,Motorbike,Boats at junkyard prices and you will be able to sell vehicle parts individually to make good money. It is a perfect way to test your business and money making skills.

“Junkyard Tycoon” is the best time management game for unlimited fun and scrapyard business.

The game is all about right set of business skills needed at the right time.! Get ready for the most amazing vehicle business game where you can buy junk cars, trucks, vans, or any other moving parts of vehicles and test your business skills to become a junkyard tycoon. Focus and play carefully! This is an amazing business strategy game.
Decide on your business strategy to balance out your income and expenses. The junkyard economy game is really fun with thrilling sound effects and beautiful game graphics. Download the game and get ready to challenge your own skills.

We are constantly working hard on making the “Junkyard Tycoon” game better and more entertaining for you. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the game, do not forget to rate us on play store and share among your friends.

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Kunal 3
It was a good game, until new update. The car body now go to scrap and not in the selling list, thus reduced the profit earning. Also in buildings needs to be repaired, materiap required is of huge quantity. Graphics needs to be better. Game play is easier to understand. Also in bank no complete cash statement is available, like complete diamond spend statement is available and not cash one. Will surely give 5 star after fixing above points
david 3
So far, not bad. Update: gathered enough parts to repair the university and it won't unlock. I emailed the developer and haven't heard back. It is such a cool concept with little to no support or point. Why gather the materials if we can't use them? Plus, it took weeks to get the stuff. Like most cool games, nothing more than a good concept.
Nick 2
You had my attention, and now you have my money. Yes, this is a good game. However, it costs too much real money to advance this game. There are many missing pieces and too much to acquire to be able to progress. Maybe instead of making it so in depth, take it down a notch. Let people use junked cars to fix cars and sell them, if this is already an option make it easier to do so. I think this is a good game just too in depth and not enough give to make it entertaining and fun at this time.
Eric 4
The game is over good. It's definitely fun for your car enthusiasts but I am now level 11 and I can't obtain "glass" to build any buildings... The game is getting boring because I can't move up, it's pretty much scrap cars and sell parts... I don't want to rate this game too high because I believe it still is a work in progress, but yes it's a good game and I would recommend it
Michael 5
Great time killer! Simple to play, though a few information/help would be nice for a few items, the auto sell option and the bailer so you know exactly what they do. The developer does listen to the players and fixes things! Only true issues that I have are 1)the materials needed to build the buildings in incredibly high, not really obtainable for game play, even for someone who would play constantly
Joseph 4
Game is simple and easy to play but the materials are hard to get and even when have enough to repair a building it's not working. Also the rewards to leveling up are very low for the amount of work needed to get there. After about level 11 or 12 is just more experience but the same $100 and 10 energy cap increase. No diamonds and no material for leveling up. Fix these few issues and I'm sure this game will keep it's fun factor a little longer
Random 1
Kinda fun, but playing comes to a stand still while waiting for cars in the bailler to finish one car which can take 3-10 minutes or more, while cars are piled behind, sitting in the disassemble line, with cars wsiting behind them in parking spots.... would be a good game if you could bale more than one car at a time ( without spending real money) so the game is nearly unplayable, due to all the waiting...... not worth the time
Isaac 4
If the devs keep working on the balance of the game, it could be quite interesting. It is currently very grindy and slow. The fact that vehicles come LESS often at higher levels is bizarre, frankly. It completely ruins the balance of the game, so I frequently have nothing to do while I wait for the next car. Cars should come frequently, to encourage players to choose wisely. As it is, energy is meaningless because there aren't enough vehicles to spend my energy on.
Jon 2
I originally rated this game a 4. I dropped it to a 2 because it takes WAY TOO LONG to discover the necessary materials to fix the buildings. It is a good time killer but quickly losing interest because i cant recycle the main parts needed to fix more buildings. If this cant get fixed soon, game will be deleted It was a fun game. I cant wait to see how it develops.
A word for people who complain about too long working time of baler. You can always delete a car from a baler and don't need to wait for it to be empty. I leave those cars that give me 2 or more scraps and don't take more than 7 minutes. Easy. And don't find ways to complain, cause guys working hard on it and the game is simple but good.
Sam 3
Energy bug fixed! Level 11 and game still enjoyable so far but I've run outta things to do. Over $100k in account with nothing to spend it on. Part and repair item crafting was a good idea but no way to craft concrete. All other materials I've crafted to about 75 items so far... concrete... 10 pieces, but need 125 for next building repair. This isn't a 5 star game yet, but it's on it's way with the frequent updates.

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