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Casino Craps with True Physics Dice

Super Craps is an attempt at creating an authentic craps game with physical 3D dice which have been adjusted to perform like real casino dice. I was so sick and tired of playing all of the other craps games on the android store that are clearly rigged to 7-out in order to show more ads or force IAP that I decided to just make my own game instead. This is it, Super Craps. If video games have taught me anything over the years it is that Super makes games better.

Instead of random number generators and cheap programming tricks. Super Craps uses 5 physics randomizations including the initial position, arc, angular velocity, dice velocity and target area for each throw. This produces results that mimic those of a real casino, the game is not 'rigged' to 7 out in any way. Ads are shown if you want more chips or if you want to change the chip face. The initial bank roll is $300 or what most blue collar folks like myself would spend at a table, if you think it should be more than $300 then play one of the 500 other craps games on the play store.

By default the dice rotate randomly, this is to produce a result of a inexperienced shooter that is at least capable of getting the dice to the end of the table. You can also adjust the dice settings using the most common dice setting techniques. This produces some pretty accurate results of an experienced shooter throwing set dice.

The game is a little buggy and the odds are 10x not unlimited, but it will be unlimited in the next update.

The hops bets pay 15 to 1 soft and 30 to 1 hard, the low-high bets are 50 to 1, the all bet is 150 to 1 with a 5 dollar limit. Also I am aware that at a casino these bets aren't called low and high bets but those bet names are trademarked so I can't name the bets the same as a casino.

You can customize the dice color and pips a bit, you can also change the chip faces and there are graphics options to adjust the 3d quality if your device is choking trying to run the physics of the dice. You can also make explosions adjust for every time you make money and you can make the dice sparkle fabulously if you like that sorta thing.

The game will save your progress if you exit the game through the main menu. The game is formatted for android wide screen devices, if your device isn't wide screen it may look weird, I'm not skilled enough of a programmer to fix it, maybe I will figure that out in the future.

The game also keeps a running log of each bet made and roll number frequency count.

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