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Description & Details

Universe full of Maze Planets is waiting for you to explore

Maze Planet 3D Pro 2018


Pro version:

- MORE MAZES (45 in total)
- new easier gameplay
- improved graphics
- improved steering
- new music from:

I dunno by grapes (c) copyright 2008 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: J Lang, Morusque


Completely new type of maze !

Move a ball across a 3D Planet full of paths and dead ends. Find your way to the finish line and discover new planets in the amazing and beautiful Maze Planet Universe.

There are 45 unique Planets and 25 Balls waiting for being discovered!

How much time do you think you need to go trough all the mazes?

You can also try "Find The Key" mode to get extra stars!

In the "Find The Key" mode you have to first find a key that is located somewhere on the planet in order to unlock the finish line. Seems easy? Not really, the time is running and it`s running fast !!

In the normal mode you do not have to hurry that much, only if you want to get all 3 stars !!

You need stars to unlock new Planets and Balls.

Good Luck!!

How To Play ?

Find a path trough a maze from start to the finish line !!

You can choose one of 2 Ball control options:
- touchpad (joystick) on the right bottom side of the screen
- tilting your device
You can switch from the 2 control types in the settings menu or during the game play (left top corner)

You can also change graphics quality to LOW in the settings menu in case your device is not very powerful

If you like our game please rate it and leave a comment :)

Thank you and have fun!!

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Latest Ratings

Multicultural 2
Interesting and creative. Maze size is fixed, and sides/shapes arevtoo small. Constant rotation gave me vertigo - nauseas feeling in my stomach. I think it's very creative and I would enjoy it if there wasn't so much rotation.
Is a meh game. I quickly grew tired of rolling around too much for too long only to realize I went back to the starting point. Yes I want something challenging but not to the point to make you feel too frustrated. iIt's true what the others say about graphics and controls, though I would totally agree it does need more light. If you like this kind of challenge in a game by all means, knock yourself out. But not for me. Thanks for the freebie, though. Good day.
Tyler 5
This is a good maze game. Don't listen to the bad reviews. At first I thought it was basic and normal. But I quickly finished the first 3 levels and it started letting me travel all around the cube. Very interesting and it looks amazing on the Note 8 and performs well in full screen mode. Of course the gyroscope is the enjoyable way to play. This is definitely one of the better maze experiences. I'm surprised I got it for free. I would've gladly paid a dollar if I had known it existed before the sale was going on.
Very cool! The graphics look beautiful and the music is actually enjoyable. I did get a little bit of vertigo at first but quickly got over it when my competitiveness kicked in. Some mazes are much more mind boggling than others, and some a very addicting. All in all a great twist to long time classic mazes.
Good game but it hurts my brain after playing continuously for 15 min my head was feeling weight and its too uncomfortable . I think its happened because of too much dark colour so request to plz use some light colour in background . After all addictive game
Yoshi 5
So I almost believed the bad reviews, but I decided it's a premium game for free why not try it out. Believe it or not, it's dope and I'm low-key addicted already..two games on my home screen, Maze Planet and Sims Mobile 👌👌😎 #Kudos
S 5
A rare game that cured my insomnia quickly! The dizziness & nauseated feeling caused it all.
Phil 5
This is a gem of a maze game. Controls are simple and responsive. Graphics are of a very high quality and you find yourself wondering what made is next . Takes me back to the yesterdays of home gaming and an old Tobias Richter game
Chris 5
Amazing app. Great graphics, controls, all of it. I'm astonished this doesn't have more downloads. It could only be made better with support for VR.
Mati 4
One of those you play while taking a dump and say"you win" to the game and close it because you cant solve the maze but you'll defenietely play it again when having another dump
A 5
Beautiful, challenging and addictive. 3d concept is very original. Like it!

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