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Join the World War 1 warfare on the western front and defeat enemy bunkers!

Become a commander of American troops and assault German trenches in World War 1 game!

Nations are prepared for a war!

- Units: private, sniper and machine gunner
- Support: artillery, gas masks
- Trench warfare
- Gas attacks
- Bunker
- German snipers and machine gunners
- More ww1 stuff is coming soon!

The goal is to cross the battlefield and enter the enemy camp. Doing so will require careful unit recruitment and strategic advancement timing.
Units are recruited and controlled by pressing the buttons at the top of the corner and money is rewarded for eliminating enemies and destroying bunkers. Using artillery well, can be easy way to mastering the battlefield!

Enemy attacked your trench by gas? Deliver gas masks to your soldiers as fast as possible, before they die! There is no way to continue your offensive? Use artillery to clear enemy trenches before you assault them! There is always way to win! If you choose your tactics wisely, world war 1 could be blitzkrieg in the end! Just remember, never give up and hold your trenches till the last one!

Do not expect any of world war 2 advanced technologies. This is world war 1, very simple time, when a lot of people died for their own nation, just with the gun in their hands. In some cases soldiers, more likely heroes, died for another nations aswell.

Clash with the enemy is unavoidable. Only when and where matters. Clash is going on battlefield, where enemy already built bunkers and is prepared for your assault, so breaking their defensive is not going to be easy.

Are you prepared to get back in time to year 1917 when World War 1 was raging and command your army to glorious victory?

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Latest Ratings

Tyler 2
Whatever it is thought of this game doesn't even make games anymore it is simple it is not complex at two-year-old can learn how to play it and then they have stupidity for difficulty. Once you get to level 17 you can really see the stupidity for difficulty. They load the map with pill boxes and forts and gas only give you $150 and then give you artillery that only goes a certain range you cannot select where it goes and also it is an accurate the bullseye is on one location and you'll have three artillery rounds that may not even hit its mark and you will waste $80 they don't even give you enough money for two rounds to start this ridiculous wave. Only a idiot would Design This yes if you want to spend an hour and a half maybe 2 hours on one level on a phone game I guess you can beat it but that is beyond ridiculous. All that stuff on the map wouldn't even be a problem if they gave you more money or accurate artillery but the fact that they screw you in every way possible makes it beyond stupid.
Andre 5
It's so fun and addictive I've played the second game it's awesome
Simon 4
It's good . More levels and first person shooter
the 5
Please make updates it will make it great
dreadyize 1
Game makes no sense from level 17
Rocka 3
The artillery is way too inaccurate.
Humphrey 2
The enemy spawn too quick before I can spawn new unit and reduce the time to get gold
It's ok. Doesn't take too much thought.
Wyatt 5
Great game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo addictive
Allan 2
It's a clone of a far superior online game. Could have been good if the artillery was fixed, more unit types needed and the game had some strategy to it. (Spam riflemen and you win all the way to level 20) Ending needs some work, if just ends with no real ending text screen or video. Needs a lot of work done to make it a good game, worth downloading if you have a long commute but it's a 1 time play and uninstall game.
Scott 2
The original version on the internet is better. The artillery is pretty crappy. Just not a good remake of the game. They may say this is the original but the pc has been out longer then smart phones. The "creators" get butt hurt over a bad review of an overall garbage game.


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