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Join the World War 1 warfare on the eastern front and defeat enemy bunkers!

Become a commander of Russian or German troops and assault enemy trenches in World War 1 game!

- Russian and German campaigns
- Units of Entente: Russian private, Czechoslovak legionnaire sniper, Russian machine gunner, Russian flamethrower and Romanian rifleman
- Units of Central Powers: German private, German machine gunner, German sniper, German flamethrower, Austria-Hungarian rifleman
- Support: artillery, gas masks, airstrike
- Trench warfare
- Gas attacks
- Bunker
- Winter and autumn map
-For winning levels you will rewards coins to buy new entente or central powers units or support

The goal is to cross the battlefield and enter the enemy camp. Doing so will require careful unit recruitment and strategic advancement timing.
Units are recruited and controlled by pressing the buttons at the top of the corner and money is rewarded for eliminating enemies and destroying bunkers. Using artillery well, can be easy way to mastering the battlefield!
Enemy attacked your trench by gas? Deliver gas masks to your soldiers as fast as possible, before they die! There is no way to continue your offensive? Use airstrike to clear enemy trenches before you assault them! There is always way to win! Just remember, never give up and hold your trenches till the last one!

Are you prepared to get back in time to year 1917 when World War 1 was raging?

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Latest Ratings

The game is alright, it's gets repetitive after unlocking the airstrike. At the beginning of the game it is kinda challenging, but as I said it gets repetitive once the airstrike is unlocked. The game would be more fun/ challenging if there were anti air units, the enemies were also able to send airstrike, tanks, etc.
Daniel 5
Fantastic WW1 strategy game. Very simple, but entertaining. Looking for something similar for older historical periods.
Edwin 1
Stupid clunky game, having to scroll back to start everytime you create new units is too head wrecking to make the game worthwhile, new units should proceed to forward most trench, like in the first game
dirtyharry6886 5
Love it. But also should go more into detail if there was ever a 3
Dan 5
It was alright but got a bit repetitive
DesertFox 5
Love it it's is very awesome it would be awesome if you add more things like tanks or trucks carrying soldiers or jeeps! Very awesome game though I love it!
I give 4 star because its too hard and the artillery was expensive
beautiful game about spring in Poland, love the birds singing in early morning before the sound of hard work during a typical european work day.
icantake_W 4
Now i can finally now how to be a Nazi soilder
Sharn 4
Great game, but once you unlock air strikes, it's far too easy.
Coox 5
I loooooooove dis game, but the flametrooper should be faster. Plz make a 3!!!!

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