Quest 4 Fuel - RPG Battle in The Mad Wasteland

Quest 4 Fuel - RPG Battle in The Mad Wasteland








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Strategy Turn Based & RPG Game Battle in The Mad Wasteland

🎄🎅⛄ Celebrate Christmas in the lastest update of Quest 4 Fuel, the dystopian post-apocalyptic RPG game and unlock the exclusive heroes: Satan Claws (not Santa Claus) and Frozen Barry!

This mad world is at war. Become a Warlord and lead your band of heroes in an action RPG strategy battles for infinite gasoline. Face the max dangerous lunatics against your best heroes in the desolate wasteland field that is now the world.

⛽ FIGHT - PVE RPG Campaign.
Put your Heroes in action and battle across the deadliest worlds in the mad wasteland game. The Clan warlords are waiting for you. There are new Heroes, deadliest enemies and powerful bosses each World.

💥🔫 AMAZING GAMEPLAY - 2D Turn based full of action RPG game Battles!
Clash and destroy your enemies in ferocious turn based RPG game Battles for the fuel control. You should
demonstrate strategy to take your clan to the victory. This is a non-stop race. They are always moving at max speed!

⚔ BUILD - Class & Team Building Strategy.
There are five classes of heroes in Quest 4 Fuel: Mechanic, Berserker, Scientist, Rider & Lunatic!
Translating to traditional RPG game: The Mechanic is Tank; Berserk is Max DPS, Scientist is both Healer and Support and Rider is the Assassin. Each class has advantages and disadvantages. Strategy is important to build the most balanced team.

👥COLLECT - Mad Warlords & Heroes
The Warlord leads the convoy of heroes to the battle. Each hero is the bounding between a pilot and a vehicle. That adds a new layer of depth, strategy and customization to the game.

💪UPGRADE - Massive Collection and Max Upgrades
The Quest 4 Fuel wasteland is full of mad characters. Unlock & upgrade more than 40 heroes. Each hero has 3 types of rarity: bronze, silver & gold. Starting with 3 stars and abilities, they can max to 5 stars and get 5 abilities.

👑RAID - PVP ARENA and CLANS coming soon
Prepare your Heroes for Defense your base in the Arena. Attack and destroy other player heroes in Turn Based battles to climb in the PvP Arena leaderboard. Reach the Max Arena.

⭐2D Turn Based 4v4 Combat RPG Game Battles
⭐Collection: Collect & Max Upgrade more than 40 Heroes
⭐Team Build Strategy: There are Five Classes; Mechanic, Berserker, Scientist, Rider & Lunatic!
⭐Defeat Powerful Bosses
⭐Daily Missions and Achievements to complete
⭐Daily Rewards
⭐Season Events: Halloween, Christmas, Pool Party..
⭐Game modes: Story, Series, Event, Arena

It seemed that the end of the mad world had also taken away much of the integrity, civility and intelligence of the inhabitants of the earth. These groups of survivors moved like nomads using the roads, in a quest for ammunition, food,water,gasoline and more resources.

QUEST 4 FUEL - RPG Game Battles in The Mad Wasteland is developed by Evil Zeppelin

🔥 Check us out and JOIN us in the quest for the source of infinite fuel.

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