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LAB Escape! Android Gameplay ᴴᴰ

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Consume, Mutate, Devour... help your baby specimen escape the LAB!

Welcome little specimen!
You're the unstable... thingy captured by scientist.
Consume meats, select random Mutations, and Devour all bad guys in your sight!

Every time you gain meat, you can select mutations to make your specimen stronger.
Rogue-like style running game with dynamic mutation features.

Every mutation cards can stack up to 3 times for better effects.
Collect Set of hats to enhance your specimen.

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Omar 4
An amazing game. However, at the beginning I was having some free boxes every 24 hours. After buying something to help the company, I didn't get any free box anymore. It always say you can only open 20 boxes every 24 hours. I have tried to open boxes for many days and that message pop always. You need to fix this issue. I pay to help the development of this kind of apps, and after that no more free boxes?
Kris 5
Such a fun Game! If your bored and have nothing to do this is a time killer unless your not into this type of game of course. But other than that I think the controls and graphics are pretty good, i haven't gotten that far so I wouldn't know what happens later on but you should be able to upgrade the size of your character.
Mark 5
This game is unique and fun. I've played for about a week and I'm close to beating the game it seems. I got to 10,000 meters and earned over 800,000 coins on my last run and instead of giving me another goal in meters, it says for next game "unlock all items." Is 10,000 meters the maximum goal to achieve?
Yin117 5
I play this game so much, if I'm not watching Netflix on my commute to work then I'm playing this. Slowly overtime getting a better and better specimen that can survive longer and longer is great. And developing a strategy is great fun, I am curious of the strategies of others.
john 3
Fun. But anoying as you go The powers that circle you are awful and are the worst powers. Also if you watch 20 ads in a day, u can no longer open up boxes, or watch ads for double gold. 2.50 might be worth this game. But I'm still annoyed about not being able to open crates. Items are what let you progress faster.
Isaac 5
Very very fun game. It's simple as all hell and not the most polished product. The gameplay is functional and consistent, but with plenty of variety through upgrades. No need to pay for anything in this game as it's plenty of fun just playing your way through to endgame.
Ndhie 4
Need some fixes : 1. So many times meats are scattered into others side then many meats are unreachable 2. Please give player something after destroying tank by rotten maggot 3. Please don't reduce meat healing effect after 10 km 4. Add more colour to this game, so player not bored easily
I love this game but I've haf it for about a month now and cannot look at the boxes to get new hats....."Ads are available 20 times per day. Ads will refresh every 24 hours." I have been unable to see them since the first day i got the game. Please fix.
Your 4
I love the game, but I wish there was more to do. Maybe rebirths or something. Also voodoo effigigy doesn't upgrade properly? Also permanent is misspelled on this upgrade... Not a big deal, but just bothers me! :P
Lolfaceman 5
This game is absolutely absurd and it makes no sense. JUST AS I LIKE IT. I can only think of 1 thing to make it better. Unicorn horn shouldn't scatter the meat. It just makes me not want to use it. But I have to cause I love unicorns.
Peter 2
The game has got potential, but it lazily ramps up the difficulty as you gain distance by passively increasing the amount of health lost from hunger the moment it runs out of new enemies to throw at you. It's a shame because collecting power ups as you progress through each run is very fun.

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