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Enjoy the pleasure of jelly!
Are you addicted to 3 game matches? Do you get jelly and candy blasting in your phone? Fun jelly match is a new and coolest smartphone to crush three games. And three or more winning passes to clear the next level of jamming. Jelly is a complex game to discover this world and win great prizes!
This game will give you hours of fun and jelly bom times. Lurk in a good area to win candy stars to defeat the ultimate hero and evil creatures! Even if you beat the bad guys, you're not alone. You can help your dear friends in the enchanting garden of jelly. You can also ask your Facebook friends for help and kindness. This will be Jelly's game in a very short span of the game and I do not know how to stop playing it. What's more exciting is to download and enjoy the totally free fun jelly for playing!
In addition, you can connect to your Facebook friends over the network. Evaluate your bonus payout and beat your friends. The LeadBoard game also has close friends with the top 5 players.
Enjoy Enjoy Jelly Features:
Hook with HD graphics and lovely characters jelly - Beautiful.
With the help of special bonuses you will help pass the challenging levels - Crush Blast Shooting and jam.
-Create explosion combos to get maximum score and beat other players.
- It may seem like a simple game, but Jurele Crush hard to master.
Discover hundreds of incredible games-Explore level and never get bored with this game.
They compete with your friends to play and -Invit to play Jelly Boom for the highest score.
You get sugar and a special prize -Collect star.
More levels and adventure -Unlock your success.
Thus, you do not lose the jelly boom -sync your game progress with your Facebook account.
Friends who boast about successes and progress and reviews -Share!
How to play Jelly Saga keyfine:
• download this free application on your phone or on your tablet!
• Place jelly to form a line of three or more of the same jelly.
• Create a movement, when bonuses and candy combinations are in order to crush them in more than three matches.
• Think about how limiting action can strike you at the strategic level.
Levels as many times as possible
• Try to create an explosion of jelly.
• After completing the jelly-level game requirements, you can go to the next level.
• Be careful! The road is not smooth, to get greatness. There are many obstacles, challenges and even the future against bad guys!
• Change the jelly castle to move and play in another part of the garden.
Complex levels • It is possible to get at least as high scores and more candy stars as possible to carry.

Do it! I play three games, more tips and tricks on this fun match how I can beat each level. If you are not in the state, you will, and try again! These deceptively simple three games to keep a lot of hidden surprises and exciting twists of the match. This game is a good part because it will challenge your mind to get the level of Learning!
We are always working to provide the best user experience for players. If you encounter any problems or if you have any comments, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail.
Thank you!

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