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It is an attractive and top tactics game with nice graphics

In the vast universe, the creatures are born after the big bang. The battle of existence takes place all over the galaxy. In the dark universe, self-glowing creatures is attacking other creatures that dominate the universe. Strategy_Galaxy glow defense is the fight against the invasion of those glowing creatures. These creatures use natural light and use data to move in the space. Radiation creates a very nice light in the dark universe. Strategy - Galaxy glow defense is a tactical defense game with new tactics which engages players to the wonderful world. With Strategy - Galaxy glow defense, players will experience a new defense game. Galaxy glow defense still retains characters of the classic defense game genre. So Tower defense location is an important strategy of the game. The difference in this game with other defense games is that the enemy's attack strategy comes from all directions.
- To think carefully and to select the right defense tower, routes, special weapons and to plan in defensive strategy.
- To collect resources to buy and upgrade your weapons

Enjoy yourself in the nice graphics and wonderful sound of Strategy - Galaxy glow defense game.
+ a lot of enemies.
+ 3 modes: normal, difficult, very difficult
+ a lot of weapons, Large upgrade system.
Strategic defense system:
+ L-R(Landmine-Radiant): Radiant landmine destroys large numbers of enemy troops in a large area.
+ B-R(Bombes - Radiant): Bombs emit radiant energy to destroy enemies.
+ I-R(Ice-Radiant): Weapons emit radiant energy to paralyze enemies in a certain time.
+ U/G(UFO-to-Ground): An unidentified flying object attacks enemies.
+ R-FD(Radiant Flame Destroy): Radiant Flame destroys all creatures as they pass.
+ RNA(Radiant-Nuclear artillery): Weapon with thermal radiation bullets kills large numbers of enemies. It is not limited to attack range.
+ RWR(Radiant Wheel reaper): Radiant Wheels attacks the enemy.
+ 2B(Bomb Bigbang): Bigbang Bomb with large power threaten enemies.

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4.0.3 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Steve 4
A good game however, level 31 reports as map 30 so you can never go higher as it states you need to clear level 31 before 32 unlocks. I've cleared level 31 twice as it thinks it's map 30 your stuck. Patch this and it gets 5 stars.
D 3
Looks beautiful and the tower defense experience is great. Ads are in tolerable quantity. But the game crashed several times. Even during playing a level twice. Enough of a reason to uninstall.
Jonathan 2
You guys ever going to fix the level 30 bug?
Chew 5
great tower defence game..great sound..good challenge so far..need more documentation..
Robert 5
Loved playing this game hope they come out with more towers with an update ?
lee 5
Whare has this game been its excelent
Bubba 3
The game is fun but won't let you past level 31 even if you get perfect scores on the previous levels! It's frustrating because that's only half the game.
Dom 2
It's basically ideas stolen from about 3 different td games,mashed into one.its only ok,there's 2 good towers the rest are useless,what makes it boring is there's no controllable hero's.
Uncle 1
They force ads down your throat. Sad it wasn't a bad game but uninstalled after level 2, anyone who forces ads down your throat like this should be strung up for being assholes
Kevin 3
It's ok....raident defence,that's the game this one is not!!


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