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Description & Details

Seek and find hidden objects all around the ghost town – play best search game!

Can you escape ghost town before dawn? Pick all the hidden figures you need to discover the mystery case of the haunted city and run away immediately. Download Ghost Town Adventures Mystery Hidden Object Game for free and become a part of the greatest horror story of all times. Search and find hidden objects in a haunted hospital, mystery mansion or enchanted house. Explore the scenes with a ghost radar to solve the mystery case and become a true detective!

Ghost Town Adventures Mystery Hidden Object Game features:

🔍 Adventure mystery game free localized into 15 languages!
👻 More than 1000 hidden objects to find in a mystery venue!
🔍 Multiple levels with mystery places full with hidden objects!
👻 Fantastic 3D game design that will leave you speechless!
🔍 Find the hidden object from the menu below & click on it!
👻 Click on the magnifying glass button to use the hint!
🔍 Zoom in the picture to find the hidden item easily!
👻 Move the picture when it is zoomed to find the hidden object!
🔍 Zoom out at any moment to see the mystery scene again!


👻 Picture search for finding hidden objects quickly and easily!
🌟 Silhouette hidden object – a challenging level for finding items!
👻 Word scramble game level – a hard level to find hidden figures!
🌟 Flash light or a night mode level – use the light to seek for items!
👻 Match Pairs – a memory game with colorful cards to pair!
🌟 “Find the Difference” – a mini game placed among the hidden objects!
👻 Time limit game - Bonus level to train your brain and concentration!

Haunted ghost town hidden object game is finally here! Hurry up and download one of the best seek and find games on the market. This is a fabulous object searching game adventure that will leave you speechless. Haunted town scenes are designed perfectly for all of you who love mystery games, horror movies and novels. This object searching game is great for you who love brain teasers, find the difference games where you need to use your full concentration and also puzzle games. Kill boredom immediately. It is so easy when you have the best new Ghost Town Adventures Mystery Hidden Object Game.

👻 Jewel quest challenge! Find hidden treasure and become the greatest explorer!

There are not just hidden objects games with words, but multiple levels that bring you more fun as you go along. Find objects by given words, pictures or silhouettes – pick lost evidences and escape the haunted ghost town. Mystery hidden objects to find in pictures are perfectly designed for the most fastidious players who know how to recognize high quality game design. This is a super cool ghost town hidden objects with mini games inside for unlimited fun. Challenge yourself with “find the difference” game, train your brain and your concentration with hidden objects with puzzles and choose fantastic new features that Ghost Town Adventures Mystery Hidden Object Game offers..

👻 The best mystery hidden objects games with levels for Halloween!

Mystery manor hides many secrets, discover why the whole city is deserted! Try to find how the secret society disappeared by picking hidden objects scattered everywhere. The blood chilling scenes are full of evidences, so find hidden objects in a picture and reveal the truth about the haunted town. Discover abandoned places such as vacant hotels, old jails, and haunted hospital and become a hidden object hero.

👻 Amazing object finding games for kids and adults with mystery places!

Puzzle adventure with fun mini games can finally start! Prepare yourself for fantastic mystery hidden object ghost town, the best seek and find game with horror scenes that you are going to love for sure. Turn on your ghost detector and go on an epic journey full of mystery hidden figures and lost evidences and become a true detective. Download Ghost Town Adventures Mystery Hidden Object Game, start the criminal investigation and escape the ghost town!

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Latest Ratings

Love it and have downloaded more games like it.. How they name some of the objects does confuse me, still love to play and hard to put down!
tru 4
Good game so far objects aren't super hidden per say but not all are easy to spot quickly giving you a good challenge.
Linda 5
I love this game, 4 level can't download,it says error.Please fix .Can't finish the game
Clarisse 5
Thank you so much. Have a wonderful Holidays!!
Teresa 4
I think if you would take out that annoying magnifying glass and all those words that come with it. Then it might be a fun game!
Overall fun game. The ads are sometimes annoying, but the price you pay for a free game.
Lisa 5
A very enjoyable game and with easy to get hints and a helpful zoom feature. It's more relaxing than other hidden object games. CAN be enjoyed by all ages.
Heather 5
Loved this game it was awesome for me to play I really truly enjoyed findings all the listed items it was so much fun! Keep up the good work,please keep making these fun games thank you and my God bless everyday of your life with his love
Molly 1
I was never able to play the game. It never worked. I always just got a black screen. The game would not load at all.
Cynthia 1
This game is stupid. Its just the same screen with most of the same objects. Uninstalling
Nicole 5
Pretty fun game so far! Love the different styles of game play. No glitches and the ads aren't overwhelming. And it's free, thanks!

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