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AirportPRG is an airport management game, taking place in 30s and 40s Prague.

Control the air traffic and airport staff to keep the airport running. Experience the development of Prague Ruzyne International Airport since it's humble beginnings. From grassy runways to a complex system of concrete ones.

- Become an airport controller, telling planes when to land and take off
- Take care of the passengers, baggage and fueling up the planes
- Earn money, upgrade your staff and the airport
- Amazing 3D graphics
- No ads
- 8 years of levels describing key historic events
- Countless hours of addictive gameplay
- Collection of vintage aircraft
- Accurate recreation of the Prague airport in the years 1937 - 1947

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4.4 and up
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Matt 3
Good game, great music actually... The game has some bugs like getting 3 stars for a level but only shows 2 no matter how many times you do it, you can only perform one service at a time per plane. All around a pretty good game, and honestly with a little work could be a really great little game. It's very rare, but I would even put some money towards the development just to see where it goes from here.
Luis 2
This game could be so much better. You will never be able to max out the support vehicles or the airport building's. Also, this is supposed to be the same airport thru out the game, yet when you do happen to upgrade ANYTHING, it doesn't carry over to the next stage, which SUCKS. Also, even if you managed to not use all you're money on any stage, you can't carry that over either. So much potential and they give you just enough to think "what could had been". Fix that and I'll change the rating and recommend. But in its current
David 5
I downloaded this game while stuck in a hotel because of a cancelled flight. I really enjoy it and it did keep me occupied for many hours. I agree with other reviewers that the fuel truck should be able to go from plane to plane and perhaps hold more fuel so time doesn't run by while waiting for its return. It would also be nice if you could service a plane with multiple services as they do in real life, rather than one thing at a time. I absolutely love the music and the graphics. Can't wait to see what you do in the future with this.
Marcel 5
I LOVED this little game, especially its atmosphere and music. I have a few suggestions though. First, please add either infinite mode or more levels, as currently the game ends just when you start to get the hang of it. Second, I would love to see the year range widened to cover the era of Soviet turboprops and early jets. Third, occasionally the plane or vehicle routes intersected and they got stuck, with restart being the only option. It would be nice to see this fixed. Fourth, for those of us who would like to support this game, please consider adding a price or some IAP for this purpose. At last, thank you for a very nice game set in the better times.
Jeremy 5
I agree, absolutely fantastic game. The music, the graphics, the occasional head bobbing person. I love it. I binged every level in one night. Can't wait to see the new levels. But I do agree with everyone else, please add some sort of infinite mode. I never get the chance to upgrade everything to it's final level. Would be cool to see something like that.
Tyler 4
The game has great atmosphere and play style, but in the 1939 level the Germans come too early, requiring the player to make a perfect run. I've tried this level 5 times and every time the germans appear as I'm sending out the last plane. If this level was passable id love to give 5 stars & play the rest of the game
RanjithKumar 5
Superb game that too offline, but initially I was little confused and curious about how come it possible every time to build all requirements from basic but that's the actual challenge and we can easily build that's the how game was designed. And I successfully completed all 9 and I'm waiting for remaining to open. when I expect? And game missed many options and some times we can't go into main menu I think it's a bug. And also flights getting struck in middle. Very easy game and if game have 1000 events also I'm ready to play though its take almost 30 mints to complete each event Finally Thank You team
Alex 5
Great game. Great music. easy to learn and easy enough to finish with 3 Stsrs so you don't lose enthusiasm. The graphics are really good, I especially like the people animations. It's sometimes annoying that you can send a people handler directly from one plane to the other but not the fuel truck which has an annoyingly long way back to it's base. It's well thought out though that the baggage handler has to go back to the airport after unloading but not after loading a plane. And I don't get why you can't send multiple units to the same plane. But overall it's a really great game. I downloaded it 2 weeks ago and have already played every level twice. No ads whatsoever and not even the possibility to pay for anything. Can't wait to get more levels.
TheGamerPokemon 4
It was really enjoyable to play once you got into it. I love how it shows the history of an airport while integrating a well executed gameplay mechanic. Sometimes the controls at the bottom can lock up for a moment, which can be a little annoying. I also wish you could chose to turn off the music, even though I really liked how old-style yet catch it is. The cute little figures dansing were adorable and overall graphics are good.
Olivia 3
Looooved it! I love the style, the music, the fact that the planes look authentic and not cartoonish. Unfortunately, it is too short. I finished it all in one afternoon. And I never get the chance to upgrade everything, or too late when it's not needed anymore. Maybe make the levels more difficult and add more upgrades, but allow the money and upgrades to remain and accumulate. Also would be nice a mode that just goes on forever, but allow the progress to be saved. I would just play and play this game. Looking forward to the next levels. Great job!!
Mike 5
Absolutely amazing! I love this game, the gameplay, the upgrades, the difficulty, the music (especially so!!), the graphics that gives it so much detail, and of course, the story itself! I've probably tried about a few hundred games up here in Play Store and honestly, this is by far the most well thought out, arranged and developed game, much to the ashame of the big game developer studios! Well done, congratulations. If I could, I'd rate it 6 stars. Keep up the good work! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Update: I've found only one major problem with this game: it is too short! 😊 So bring it on, people!

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