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Description & Details

so there is meany things Happen, in the house with new update

Note : the game are made to guide The gameplay in Hello dog of Neighbor Is a kind of a game of hide and seek. Your goal is to uncover all the secrets of your crazy neighbor and not to fall into his eyes, but it’s no longer fun. If you get caught, you are done! On a serious note, there is a dead body and grave in his house as well. try your best to do the job!So Good Luck! install Hello dog of Neighbor now and enjoy the gameplay, Hello dog of Neighbor is a game where you got a strange suspicious neighbor, who is absolutely crazy and he is coming from future. You decide to enter your neighbor's house . You are cautious that he is up-to something

Hello dog of Neighbor Features:
• Auto save game so you don't have to play from the beginning every time.
• Level By Level Mode
• High Quality 3D Graphics!
• Amazing Sounds!
• Smooth and Easy Controls!
• Interesting activities!
• Addictive

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4.1 and up
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Latest Ratings

j 1
Its all fake. Don't listen to 5 star reviews. I've downloaded all the Hello Dog of Neighbour games and their all the same. Also, there's no key under the stone beneath the mailbox. Total scam. Don't waste your time.
uncroin 1
I hated it because I didn't find the key and your. going it so slow and also they took the pictures and put it in your game
alica 1
The pictures that they are showing you are not what the game is. Pretty much took those from hello neighbor and just made it their own. The controls are slow as'f too. It was fine at moving around for the first few seconds then it felt like it was lagging. The game is all blocky and there isn't even a neighbor just another house across the street that looks like yours. The house is pretty much empty. I honestly don't know how this game has 4.0 review.
Hyni 3
😲 That was so scary it was exactly like hello neighbor. You don't know were he is it's just so scary
Brent 4
First u have to get the stone and throw it at the bird (on top of house) the u get the key and move the stuff inside and then go to the neighbors house and in the room there will be a key in the cabinet so u go back to ur house and then u unlock the back door and there is a key in there so grab it go back to the other house unlock the back door in the way back then there's a key in that cabinet so grab it go in the room with the chair unlock that door then ur done east simple and fun :-)
Kathy 5
It is really good I th out there was no possible way to finish and there was so you guys did really good
This game sucks it doesnt even give us clues stupid rip off you guys dont. Eben try to update it every day
felicia 5
The graphics look OK but the sincativety was slow thanks for making the game
Christina 3
I think it would be better if it would update everyday even though you might not have many ideas for an update.
Brittany 4
The reason it does not have a basement is because it just came out a few months ago it's ok so far but I will edit and get this again when the full version comes out but so far 👍👍👍
eta 3
i mean like its ok bit can you like add more stories

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