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Lead your army in a turn-based fantasy strategy game you’ve been waiting for!

Hex Commander: Fantasy Heroes is a turn-based strategy game that will put you right in the middle of conflict between humans, orcs, goblins, elves and dwarves.
Build a mighty army and lead your troops to victory, using unique skills of your units. Make use of terrain covers and buildings to upgrade your statistics and outwit your enemies.
In the human campaign you assume the role of Percival Kent, a seasoned paladin who has been sent by the Emperor to investigate reports of goblin activity in a human settlement. The kingdom is at the brink of war… Who wants it to break out? What kind of alliance will you have to forge to face the inevitable invasion of the green-skinned foes? Take part in the exciting campaign to get to the bottom of truth and protect your people.
To gain a tactical advantage you must resort to magic, which goes way beyond deploying specialized mage units. As a paladin, Percival is trained to use scrolls, which can turn the tide of battle in the blink of an eye. Summon the undead, lead your opponents into a rain of fire or a toxic cloud, and awaken their rage.
Thanks to the Emperor, you have a base at your disposal. You can expand it according to your preferred fighting style. Upgrade your hero and your favorite units, and improve teleports to gain an edge on the battlefield.

- Turn-based strategy game with simple and clear rules and a tactical depth, thanks to which you can adjust the gameplay style to your individual preferences.
- Use the special skills of your hero and units to gain an edge on the battlefield.
- Expand your base, upgrade your army and recruit specialized units.
- Each of the available races has well-balanced units and features, which enforce a unique strategy and make the battles more exciting and varied.
- Complete the captivating campaign to learn the truth behind the war that will change your kingdom forever.

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joshua 5
The problem was that once Percival is level 2, His voice changes to a goblins voice.
COULD be a good/great game. Setting, graphics, gameplay, combat, controls, ... - all ok/good. BUT there are two or three things that take the fun out for me or I simply cannot tolerate: 1. While there are elements that promise deeper tactical combat (forest and towers raise defense of units stationed there; cavalry has charge ability; crossbow men can't attack after having moved), it turns out that combat is simple repetitious move and attack. Units lack multiple interesting abilities, are one-dimensional, miss depth. 2. Pay to win? In multiple ways, the game tries to hide that there are micro transactions where you can (must?) buy consumables (gold, jewels, scrolls, abilities/buffs, ...) to achieve ... what (progress, victory)? Neither does the description in the play store explain what the in-app purchases are - nor does the game itself explain anything specific. Even better, the in-game store only lists the purchasable items BUT NO PRICES! So even when you are stupid enough to want to buy consumables, you will find the price only after the Google store opened for you to confirm the purchase. So, I wonder, what happens when you have set store options to not manually confirm each transaction. Will you buy without ever knowing the price/value of your purchases? Hilarious, ridiculous, ..., rip-off, criminal! 3. They even offer you to go grinding for resources, as if it was the cherry atop a cake: "You can repeat missions to earn more jewels 3 times and to earn more gold unlimited times." Really, how unbelievably idiotically stupid have developers, games, players and (mobile) gaming as a whole become, today? Damn it all, damn you all! I CANNOT AND WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS FILTH AND ENCOURAGE ANYBODY ELSE TO DO SO AS WELL! UNINSTALL! UNINSTALLED! REFUSE! RESIST! BRING THIS ABOMINABLE BUSINESS PRACTICES DOWN!
David 2
Screen size kept jumping to zoomed view forcing you to close the game and start over.
Rob 3
Very good, but needs more maps and more playable factions.
Mark 4
Great game, easy to master with challenges at higher levels. Well done.
Blitz 5
Game is awsome and love the pirate Caribbean hunt game
Alex 4
Excellent graphics and pretty solid gameplay. The tutorial is pretty good if not entirely comprehensive. There are ads across the bottom but it's mostly unobtrusive. My biggest complaint is simply that the game semi-frequently bogs down. I haven't actually lagged out yet, but it came close a couple times.
Godfrey 5
i love it 😙😙😙edit: i just finished the game. i got a suggestion about the story or for a second game, percival can be branded as an enemy so the game can be so much longer and you can add more places to the game
Andrew 5
This is a great game it has no online bullying feature other games have....they could learn a lot from things. ....l highly recommend this game for children's enjoyment.
Emmanuel 5
Great game,,you guys are doing a great job,,I've played your other Pirates game and they're both great,Awesome time killer,,nice graphics,,and offline. Will love to see new updates though
Gokul 5
Highly underrated game.. great work developers and it deserve more than 5 stars.. probably the best turn based game in play store.. adding more content would make it epic

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