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Fitless – Water Tracker, Calorie Counter, Vitamins & Macros Counter & Food Diary

Fitless is a smart calorie counter, which is designed to get results by creating a convenient, understandable and modern interface and functionality.

Fitless calories counter plus your motivation and goal will allow you to achieve excellent results - improve your shape, health and reach new heights in any sport.

The application does not contain paid functionality, for this you have a free Calorie Counter, Vitamin Counter, Microelement Counter, as well as a free Water meter.

Fitless uses the National Nutrient Database from the United States Department of Agriculture. Thanks to these, our users get the most accurate data on consumption rates and achieve goals!

In the modern world, watching only calorie intake is a small part of success.
If your goal is to become slimmer or to gain muscle mass and become healthier, it is important to understand and control the consumption of vitamins and trace elements in your body.

It is for this, in the app, a clean counter of vitamins & trace elements.
Fitless makes it possible to track 23 types of vitamins, 13 types of trace elements.

When using Fitless at your disposal complete statistics for the current day, as well as for all days of using the application.
You will place detailed statistics on BJU, vitamins, trace elements and water balance of your body.

An important feature of the application is its number of products, it is more than 2500 products. Products are divided into categories, total 12 product categories.

Features calorie counter fitless:
Calorie Calculator: The application calculates the total number of calories you need, according to your physical parameters. Further, Fitless creates a numerical ratio of BJU to calories under various types of loads. Thus, you can get the correct and accurate data on the norms for your body.
Food Diary: choose from the available foods, foods you have eaten in life and mark them in the app, so you can keep track of what foods you ate in a day, how much protein, fat, carbohydrates, calories, etc you got ...
Statistics of your progress: in Fitless you get both statistics in percentage and in numerical values. The advantage is not only the indicator of calories and water balance filling, but also graphs and charts in your daily statistics.
Creating dishes : you read correctly, Fitless gives you the opportunity to create your dishes from the products that are in the application (more than 2500 products).
Creation of products: we have added functions to create Personal Products.
Water Calculator: Water Calculator, calculates your daily water intake rate.
Nutritional value of the product: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, calories, vitamins, trace elements and water.
Favorite products: any product can be added to the section Favorite products, for faster access to the product.
Quantity and quality of products: more than 2500 products are available to you, all products are sorted and checked according to the nutrient database. Official Directory of the United States Department of Agriculture.
Application color scheme (Themes): Fitless calories counter contains 3 types of themes, Light Theme, Night Theme and Dark Purple Theme. Choose the one that suits you and use the application with maximum convenience.
Independence from the connection to the network (Internet): the application works both with and without a network connection. At any place and at any time, turn on the app and use it.
Confidentiality: all actions performed in the calorie counter, ideas, products, statistics remain on your phone and only on it.

Leave your reviews and scores on Fitless Calorie Counter. We read all the comments and follow the application.

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