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A roguelike adventure platformer. Jump, dash, slay, fight & forge your hero. ⚔️

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure platform battle? Become a Legend: Dungeon Quest is a roguelike adventure of knights dungeons, treasures, enemies, zombies, traps, final bosses… but especially, it’s an adventure where you have to forge your legend to save the kingdom. Courage, knight. Forge your own legacy and customize your hero. Explore all the dungeons looking for succulent treasures!

You are put in the role of the legend that needs to save the kingdom. Darkness has overcome and lots of powerful super natural creatures have taken over the good folks and the peaceful kingdom. They are all lead by the evil bosses. Using all of your skills and weapons, jump, dash, slay and become the ultimate hero that will save the people and the whole kingdom in this adventure platformer. Destroy all creatures before you face the deadly bosses for the final battles.

Each dungeon is procedurally generated, so no two trips through darkness are ever the same, providing a fresh new adventure each time. Jump fight rogue adventure platformer that will always keep you surprising. As a true legend, always be prepared to have a slaying answer to the monsters’ attacks.

Dash through the dungeons, defeat your enemies, avoid the defensive traps and upgrade your hero. While you overcome the dungeons, you’ll get more level and upgrades for your knight, needed for fighting against the darkness and its secrets.

In this dungeon legend rogue platformer, you’ll never be bored. There are so many talents and spells to be unlocked. Follow the daily missions for extra excitement too. Action jump fight game that can easily become one of your favorite adventure platform games.

For the bravest & most skillful dungeon legends we keep online rankings system. Try to top the leaderboards with always skillful dashing, jumping, slaying and masterfully beat the dangerous opponents.

Become a Legend Dungeon Quest Features:
✅ Unlock talents, spells and much more!
✅ Defeat all enemies of the kingdom and beat the final bosses.
✅ Three daily missions available!
✅ Games generated procedurally.
✅ Game controller very comfortable – perfect for rogue dungeon adventure platform games!
✅ More than 30 achievements and online ranking.
✅ Play offline without wifi! You won’t need wifi or Internet access!

Restore peace to the kingdom,
brave knight,
Fight for the freedom.
Forge your legend.

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Allen 5
If you like Rogue Legacy, this is the best android clone you will find. It has superb fully customisable controls, which are quite sharp to use too. You won't go '@%*#%&! controls!' when you die. Graphics are easy on the eyes. The gameplay is a bit lacking, more on the easy side, but then again, it's a phone game, so most players will be casuals. Overall, a superb game with manageable microtransaction (There are 3 one time purchases. The premium currency is easily manageable and only really bad players will need them.)
Jonathan 3
I'd give the game 5 stars but the revive option doesn't work. After watching an ad the game refuses to start up again and freezes.
Darius24XP 5
Yes! Awesome games as always! I really like this game because the art is friendly, the whole dungeon exploring feel is really good, the gameplay is comfortable and the customisable controls are nice! But there are some problems :( but not big problems. First, I feel like there is some missing music and sound effects, like a sound effect when you buy something or when you press some buttons on the menu or when there is no music at the shop or something like that. Second, Standard is spelled wrong in Settings :) and third, I want the "No" button at Exit Menu to be green because I enjoy this game so much :D
James 3
Fun game, great replayability. It is buggy in some places. Looking forward to an update because some tightening up will put this at 5 stars easy. Try it out regardless of those parts because platformers like this are too rare! I just finished a completion of the dungeon and had about 100K gold earned, but the game froze after killing the last boss and I lost it all. That and I am not earning toward the 25 deaths achievement, even though I am earning toward the higher death count ones.
John 1
Double jump works randomly making the game almost impossible to play. EDIT: My rating is for the current version of the game and I will not change it because the developer will have a look for the next update. If it is fixed in the next update let me know and I will gladly try the game again. And possibly change my rating at that time.
Crystal 3
Cool game, but I'm having a few problems. The game keeps freezing on me, and when you try to revive it just shows you an advertisement, but you don't get to revive. So I click revive again and the same thing happens. Once it's less buggy and not freezing and lagging it'll be worth 5 stars for sure.
Michael 1
Too hard, too much of traps and enemies. It suppose to be a combat to combat fight, why would the character touch an enemy and health Will be taken like Mario game. Also have too much of traps
Roland 1
Great game with bad controlls. Once you sort the double jump issue out i'll change the review.. but it ruins the game completely.. i died several times due to this.. sometimes it doesn't jump, sometimes it jumps twice on its own.. fix it please..
Ken 5
AWESOME GAME. plsss uodate more. like the animation and more more and monster. its so hard game but its challenge me.
Nico 2
Was amazing at the beginning but now the controls freezed every 5min and needs to re-start losing all levels beated :( It's annoying see how amazing is the game but not being able to continue playing.
Samir 4
I want to just re-set my progress and want to play from starting. Just wanted to record gameplay walkthrough for my YouTube channel.

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