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✩BTS calling & texting app for ARMY!✩

✩BTS calling & texting app for ARMY!✩

BTS Messenger is a fan-oriented calling & texting simulation app! Have you ever wished you could open your phone and call Jungkook, or send a quick text to Jimin? Well, now, talking with your bias is just a tap away! 💖
Not only can you personally call & message BTS, but BTS personally call & message you! Throughout the day, you'll receive text messages from all the members, and afterwards, you may receive a phone call too!

Don't forget that when you select your bias, he may have a special preference for you 😉

***This app was made with the members' personalities in mind! All conversations stay true to the individual members of BTS 💖

*This app contains FAKE SUBS!

💖 Incoming calls & customizable ringtone
💖 Receiving & sending text messages
💖 Real-time message notifications!
💖 Outgoing calls
💖 Contacts screen
💖 Hearts system & much, much more!

*just a disclaimer: This app is purely fictional and is not an official app made by BigHit. It's fanmade! In other words, it's not really BTS calling & texting you, but rather, a 100% fake and fictional simulation

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Latest Ratings

Xinyo 5
Honestly, the game/app was amazing! And I'm happy you thought of this, I think you we're perfect for the job. The designs of the layout were cute and the portrayals of the members were honest and true. I didn't mind the ads since I was so satisfied and I thought you deserved it. You can go so far with the skills in developing now. Keep going with this if you enjoy this hobby. I fully support! Fighting! <3
First of all, the game was nice, but really short. Second, super limited choices. Third, too many ads, like, an ad pops up every five minutes or something. Fourth, I reaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyyyyy wish it had a greater story scope. Fifth, please make it look like a real messaging app so that it will be more realistic. Sixth....PLEEAAAAASSEEEEE MAKE ANOTHER VERSION, PLEASEEEEEE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :((( but anyways, I still liked it. Good job😀
Rhiannn 4
Controls didn't work so well. Had to click on 'shop' to access contacts and game settings. There isn't really a storyline, and it ended rather abruptly, leaving me somewhat disappointed. Everyone seemed to ask the same things over and over again, and the conversations didn't flow well. However, it is a cute, quick game to try out, but it would great if there was an actual storyline.
Lee 5
I really loved it so much! But I wish it was a bit longer. It was so good I just wanted more. I would love it if the creators of this game could make another one. It doesn't have to be like this one, I just really like how this game turned out. Good job creator-nim fighting!
Jenna 5
It's a really good app. I hope there can be more like it.👌👌👌However, there's not enough conversations with the members. And when you finish and decide to text them, it's the same conversations (the same goes with phone calls) over and over again. But apart from that this app is amazing. I recommend it. Thank you for creating this app...😉
Gildazia 5
I luv it bts my life I also like it cuz u can change the names of the bts ppl and my bias is kookie so i changed his name to LUV U This app is honestly amazing. The downer tho is that i haent got a n evanescencew tex taught in AGeS
Writer 4
It felt like I was getting a text or call from them... I love It! The only thing is I was confused in what age your character is suppose to be... my character is older than jimin, v, jungkook. Or is it just meant to be whatever age you are?
verona 5
I loved this! Downloaded it when I was sick and it made me feel better :) Jin's character was on point and so funny. And I think I died when JK called me... My suggestions: please make a second one where there are at least 4 response options to choose from so that I could pick one more accurate to me and so that it would have more freedom like for Make your own adventure books! The options would create different responses from bts so that if you reset the game, and replay it, you can have a completely different experience! My second suggestion is to please make the layout of the page of all the texting contacts to look more realistic to an actual texting contacts page- where it's thinner and has a smaller font. It would just make the experience feel more realistic. Another suggestion I have is to please not make all of the bts have a crush on the player. It just feels unrealistic, although really sweet. I don't want every conversation I have to be them flirting. I want it to sometimes be normal without any "sweet" talk. Finally, if you made it so that we can click on a speaker and say a response back to bts during the calls, that would be awesome! For example, you would give options for us to say something and depending on what we choose to say, bts respond in the calls differently. Overall, this is a great app and a great idea! I only have so many suggestions because I love the app so much and see how much it can also improve and be even better! Please keep doing! It's so awesome! Thank you for making this for other ARMY'S. I appreciate it :)
Zyxzjs 4
I really liked it, but I feel like its very short. There isnt even an ending where they tell each other hellhat they like one another or get together or anything.
Yu 5
If you could make this story into a full-blown mystic messenger type experience i.e. create an actual plot for each character and span the texting and calling into a week's time, this app would be the dream came true for all ARMY fans. Amazing work. The convos are realistic and I had a great time living out the brief fantasy. Loved it.
I lived It so much I was smiling really big when I was playing but It said no more conversations and I was like is that the end?? But all together I loved it soo much and why do you have to pick a Bias in the beginning? (Just curious)

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