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Counter Terrorist 2-Gun Strike Android Gameplay

Description & Details

One of the best first person shooting game 2.0

Thanks for our fans' love and great suggestions to our Counter Terrorist - Critical Strike(CT-CS).

Our team has collected all the feedbacks and spent great effort in the last a few months to bring the "new boy" to our fans here.

(Counter Terrorist 2) which combines our fans' and our team's great ideas.
now is available for download.

2.0 New Features:

☑You can turn "Auto Shoot" ON/OFF in battle.

☑You can modify "Aim Sensitivity" in pause button.

☑More weapons, in 2.0 we have 20 weapons, some are really the "monsters":)

☑More levels, in 2.0 we added 2 more levels which contain gorgeous environment.

☑More smart enemies, in 2.0 we will face much smarter enemies, you'd better not despise them.

☑Harder level means more rewards.

Game control:

☑Left 1/3 screen is for moving,right 2/3 screen is for aiming.

☑When you aim the target,your weapon will fire automatially,giving you a much easier FPS game control.

☑You can prepare your bullets before battling,or auto buy bullet in the battle.

Game tips

☑You can tweak your control sensivity in your pause menu,fit all the android devices here.

☑Auto buying bullets in the battle,save your precious time

☑Aim the head,give your enemy the critical strike!

☑Enemies' life and damage grows when you select a harder level.


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Latest Ratings

Mr. 5
Hye guys!! You guys have done a nice job you know? But i think u guys need to make this game similar to counter strike which include the swat team vs the real terrorist in the game. Also, please add some weapons, granades and medical kit to let us feel enjoy to play this game like the CSGO on pc. By the way, i love this game and i hope at the next updated it will be a better FPS ever 😉😉
Prince 3
I think their is a lot of things the 8Square Games needs to update on this game because on the original game of CS or CounterStrike their are grenades, teammates, changes on guns (what I mean is when you are walking you get the dropped gun on the floor) and the controls too. But I think the 8Square Games needs to change it all, I think if the game developer wants to copy the CS or CounterStrike I think the developer must make it unique and great. Even though it's not a so good game, it's still fun to play.
Sisanda 1
My initial experience was that it was a very nice game. On one of the levels in hell mode I would fall non-stop and could not continue. When I uninstalled the game and re-installed it, I lost not only my progress but the coins I had aready including no ads purchase. This is a rip off. If these can be fixed I would rate it very high. Like I said it's a very good game but the above-mentioned experience leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. Extremely disappointed. What a pity on one of the best games of its kind.
Volkie 3
Its a cool game but theres still a bug. After i finish the hard mode then when i play hard mode again i will fall from the sky like never ending fall. Plus knife hit is slow. Sometimes when i press the hit button the knife can't do the attack animation.
Tharishka 3
Please fix the hard mode levels..unlike counter terrorist swat, in this version, the hard mode is kinda using galaxy s7 edge.. there is no way it could lag on this device..the hard mode levels in counter stike swat are okay..something is not right in this version..please fix it
Prabhat 1
Awesome game but need work for control. There is so tough to play not smooth like other game. And whenever i turn right the turn back at initial position. Please fix it. It is really awesome game. This game could be counter strike for Android
autistic-Ryce 3
The game randomly laggs, and you can jump out of the map or get glitched out, also slightly difficult to aim. But overall great CS remake for phones
Don't bother, it's one of those adware apps that spam ads for gambling games. It's not worth the data for the inevitable disappointment. Ignore the positive reviews they're mostly paid reviews from fake accounts.
Aashish 5
Best time killing game and increase concentration power...... Value to download n play and the only drawback is we get less points on killing each person in the game so basically if it is increased then the joy of game is doubled other than this Controlling and graphics is cool 👍
Farooq 1
can this be resolved please this is ny second commneent in this ??no bugs are fixed it is still the same please update the version hell mode and hard mode both goes to flying mode even after fixing the bugs i reinstalled the game bought the guns again but still it goes to flying please fix this and you will have 5 stars
Kashyap 3
This is one of the nice game but I would suggest developer to fix bugs . There are lots of bugs. I am not able to play hard mode when last 10lvl are remaining.after playing sometime, the button to play video ad and get 3times bonus not working.


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