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Measure virtually anything with your phone - accurately!

Convenient and easy to use, Moasure is a 300m/1000ft tape measure, ruler, protractor and a goniometer (angle measurer) - all in one simple app.

Simply move your phone from one point to another point and Moasure displays the distance or height difference between the two points, or the angle between them.

There’s no tape, no string, no laser beam or camera images. Instead Moasure uses the same technology found in space rocket guidance systems – the phone’s accelerometers and gyroscopes – to calculate precisely how far you have moved your phone. Moasure really is rocket science!

Moasure can measure the length, width, and height of objects, as well as internal room dimensions and even inter-room dimensions.

In fact, there’s not much that Moasure can’t measure.

• Measures distances from 10cm to 300m (4” to 1000ft) quickly and easily.
• The only app that retains its accuracy for distances greater than 10m/30ft, thanks to Moasure’s unique multi-step measurement mode.
• 5 different measuring modes for measuring objects, spaces, height difference and angles.
• Measures round obstacles as if they weren’t there - great for measuring room dimensions.
• Label and save measurements for future reference, printing and sharing via SMS or email.
• Displays in metric or imperial units.
• Measures the angle between two lines or surfaces.
• Distance accuracy typically 1% to 3%, depending on the smartphone model*. Angle accuracy better than 1 degree. (Watch the help videos for tips on achieving the best accuracy.)

A simple app on your smartphone, Moasure is available whenever and wherever you need it. No Internet connection is needed, and there’s no need to hunt through a toolbox or kitchen drawer for a ruler, tape measure or a laser. You’ll never find yourself without a tape measure.

You don’t need someone to hold the end of a tape measure, just move your smartphone from A to B and let Moasure do the rest. The measurement will be displayed on your screen instantly.

Moasure can measure almost anything, from the width of a tile to the length of your garden. If there’s something in the way, like a wall, just walk round it and Moasure will measure straight through it.

Moasure is a serious measuring tool, suitable for use by professionals. It‘s ideal for estimating dimensions when quoting for jobs. (However, please don’t use Moasure when measuring to cut or drill material – it isn’t accurate enough to do that just yet.)

Moasure uses patented technology to get the most accurate and consistent results of any motion-measuring app available.

The accuracy of the measurement depends on the phone model, and the time it takes to complete the measurement. A visible and audible timer indicates when the accuracy starts to deteriorate.

For even greater accuracy, you can repeat the measurement a number of times and Moasure displays the average measurement.

*Results are for measurements taking 2 to 3 seconds to complete, on orange of different premium Android smartphones. Measurements over a shorter period should be more accurate, whilst longer measurements will be less accurate. When using multi-step measurements, the accuracy is determined by the time period for each measuring step.

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Latest Ratings

yavor 5
It works pretty well. It doesn't substitute a real measuring tape, but the results are very near to the true ones. I like it.
Aled 5
A little practice at the start pays off. Cool app!
Mary 5
Great ap, worth the few dollars!!
Pete 5
Very useful for a variety of situations.
Abdul 5
I can't start the measurement only I can see is videos . And who shall I email Eduard@mousare don't work
lorenzo 3
Your videos are so annoying..i feel like i paid for an app that still has ads on
ram 5
I amazed this application its accurate i loved it...
Ravi 5
In my first try it was showing pause error continuously. However, after tech help from Moasure, the app now works like a charm. Consistant ~5 mm accuracy in a 1600mm measurement measured 5 times. Less than 0.5 deg error in angle. Make at least 3 measurements for better accuracy. The key is to move the mobile quickly to the next measurement spot. Liked it.
Easy to use, with ultra-short videos and clear instructions as a guide. So versatile I can even use it to measure how tall my daughter is. Handy measuring tool for when one's out and about and only has ones mobile.
Max 5
The best measuring app on the market right now! Truly a phenomenal invention, I'm surprised it doesn't have more news or adverts for it, I'm lucky I just stumbled onto it! Kepp up the amazing work guys, can't wait to see what other improvements you could possibly do!
Daniel 1
Useless app. Couldn't even get it to open the measure interface. Getting my refund.

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