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Command Earth's invasion by Space Aliens! Being evil has never been so good!

The best Real Time Strategy Game for Android is here.

Tired of all the boring pay to win strategy games on Android? Looking for a mobile strategy game that's actually fun? Well here it is. Kill All Humans - Alien Invasion is not only a fun strategy game, it's also the best SciFi strategy game Android has played in years.

Being evil has never been so good! Command the invasion of Earth by space aliens in Kill All Humans - Alien Invasion. Destroy cities and eat their leaders, kill all humans and conquer the planet! Play the bad guys. Deploy hundreds of your most lethal alien creatures. Unleash the swarm. Watch the puny earthlings run in terror before the might of your invasion force! Download now and see why Kill All Humans is the best strategy game for Android.

Why this is the best strategy game Android has to offer?

Sure there are thousands of Android video games out there, but not many of them are worth talking about. See what makes Kill All Humans - Alien Invasion the best game in the world for Android.

➤Offline Single Player Campaign ! Don't waste time chasing WiFi! Don't waste your data. No terrible matchmaking or unfair games against people that pay to win. Just a good old fashioned RTS campaign with a twist of new game mechanics making it the best strategy game for android without internet.

➤Fast Paced Action! No waiting a million years for a building to be constructed. Instead, destroy cities in minutes!

➤Conquer the world! Invade over 170 countries in real time! Each Country has its own individually generated map.

➤Better than Tower Defense! Tower Defense? More like Tower Offense. Stop waves of humans escaping the city by deploying the right alien at the right time and place.

➤Deploy hundreds of individual units - watch the swarm of aliens devour the city and its people.

➤Play your way. Will you eat them stealthily from the shadows? Or will you charge head on and watch the masses run in fear? Have true freedom of choice unlike other Android apps and games.

➤Capture Earth's leaders, engage in humorous diplomatic relations, then eat them!

➤Craft your strategy. Hone your skills. Your actions matter. Stopping all those pesky humans from escaping the city will require the best strategy and fast reflexes. If you don't pay attention you will lose.

➤Battle Earth's military forces in epic real time combat. Forget all those other free war games for Android, Kill hundreds of soldiers and destroy battalions of armoured vehicles in massive ground warfare!

➤Not too hard. Not too easy. Just right. The difficulty of the level scales with your ability throughout each level, meaning the game provides the right level of challenge.

This is for the real RTS fans.

Besides having very solid gameplay in the more traditional aspects of strategy games such as resource management, unit deployment tactics, micro and macro, Kill All Humans offers a whole new set of mechanics never before seen in a strategy game. What other game allows you to invade over 170 individual countries in real time, expand, destroy, consume and convert everything alive into resources? This game honours the traditional elements of strategy and blends them perfectly with something new and original, easily making it one of 2018's best strategy games.

When it comes to finding the best mobile RTS you could waste hours searching, trying out every Android game on the play store. Since nearly all Android games repeat the same old boring formula you'll probably go through a lot of tedious tutorials and tonnes of backstory. Then after suffering through it all you'll be met with mediocre game play, surrounded by in app purchases that promise to make it more fun. Sound familiar? Why bother wasting time looking for the best game on the play store when we've made it for you? Want to skip all the boring parts and get straight to the good stuff? Download it now and see why Kill All Humans - Alien Invasion is one of the best RTS games for Android.

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