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BEST TRUCKER - Android Gameplay HD

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Plants valley needs your help in cargo transportation!

Plants valley needs a cargo forwarder! Buy and upgrade new types of transports in order to carry larger and heavier cargoes! Master the skills of loading and transportation. Help the valley and become the best trucker!

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Hubert 5
What is "New City?" Is it an unlockable city when I supply it enough material? Just wondering because there's no required amount indicated. A couple tutorials would make this game helpful. This game is amazing. Great work! The intricate details to trucks (especially the 3rd gen super duty ford!) And the weight system actually make you feel like you're accomplishing something!
Chris 4
Overall a decent game. Something I have to complain about though is that the tractor that costs 150 thousand dollars isn't worth it. You are better off watching a bunch of ads for 20 minutes and getting the first dump truck. If you make the upgrade that improves the body add a little trailer with a hitch for the huge trailers, then I would be fine.
cubed 4
Had zero clue how to play. Tried to click things for about ten min, and watched a couple videos, but they did not show anything. No tutorial or even pop ups to tell you what you are clicking or what they do. Zero instructions on how to play. Even a link to a video would be great. I shouldn't have to click random icons(that don't say anything when I click) and look for random youtube videos to try to play. Well, I finally clicked the right buttons. Was able to play for awhile. Wasn't making much money. Finally figured out what I was doing wrong. This would be a 5 of 5 if there was ANY instructions.
Tony 5
Great game although it took me a few mins to work out what to do/where everything was. It only took me a few days to open and upgrade everything. I have loaded it with concrete above screen height and it certainly slows the journey down so quite realistic. If I was to update this game it would have better sound and further upgrades, not much wrong with the sound but could be a bit more beefy. 10/10 to the developers
Willard 4
Great game and a great way to kill time, I've been working on opening new factories but cannot figure out how to import the money part of the factories, can anyone explain this to me? The money import is the only thing I am missing on some of the factories keeping me from opening them. Other then that, amazing.
Joshua 5
Excellent game, really enjoying the latest update. Three things I could wish for are a much bigger map, more tiers for vehicle upgrades and tie down straps to keep stuff from falling off the trailers. One of the best games I've ever played on Android.
Barry 4
Great simple strategy game. Very fun at first, but gets redundant after you've built the factories (takes a little while, but not long). Need more places to bring money (only 1 drop). Stock accumulates much faster than you could ever deliver it...makes you feel like you're falling behind and will never keep up (even with the biggest truck/trailer). But a relaxing games to pass the time.
Balto 5
I really love it, I can't play American truck simulator right now so this helps with the itch. It runs very smooth, I just I can unlock more trailers and more stuff gets added. Great game! EDIT: Really love the new update. It would be cool if the gas stations produced money when given fuel. Maybe put cars in the background driving.
Matt 5
Incredibly addicting. Finally a game you can enjoy without being pinned down and forced to pay if you want to progress in it. A tutorial would be fantastic but I'm figuring it out, it adds to my interest in it. Few bugs on the new update, nothing major. The place you pick up the cars/suvs/tractor/car parts. The button to laid each item isn't what it's supposed to be. Maybe my phones just wonky.
wayne 4
Ok so new update and seems like there are a few loose ends, made a boat but nowhere to sell it too..... so wasted a point and got bored trying to work out where its going. So maybe a pointer to let us know where to export it to??
Crystal 5
I've come across a issue with the excavator machines, a glitch perhaps?. There are two machines in the loading dock and they are firmly stuck together, impossible to seperate making it difficult to put them on the trailer. Think you could correct this? Otherwise a wonderful game which I can play leisurely.

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