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Play The most fun and exciting Sonic Racing Journey Adventure Game

The most fun and exciting racing game is here!

Sonic is a fast and casual game to play for free, whenever and wherever you want, with your favorite cartoon character Sonic.

Play now on Sonic and start collecting the bananas as many as you can with Sonic game free !
Jump with your speed car at full rush down the mountainside and don't let the avalanche of doctor eggman catch you.

Sonic speed racing One of the best simple and fun racing games for families! This free game is made for everyone, so feel free to play yourself and invite your friends to watch or play together. Choose your extreme ride and guide it to the finish line! Control your car with just one finger and see how it flips, jumps and rolls on it's way. Use tilt control for better results and more exciting jumps. Other racing games become boring because of hard levels or controls? This is what you were looking for! Fast, simple and exciting car racing!

Enjoy playing Sonic on this rush adventure jungle with the blue hedgehog and be careful of the the enemies! Use the advantages you can get with the extra characters to go even faster, avoid obstacles and discover new tricks and powerups.

Jump at the right time for incredible poses and acrobatics. Try to discover them all, there are many surprises hidden. Run to collect the coins and redeem them for upgrades and get even further!

Sonic Racing game Features:

• New design!
• Easy controls just tap and tap
• High Graphics Quality!
• 4 different racetracks
• 3 game modes
• A very fun game system
• Fun game play, action speed race
• You need to collect coins to increase the speed of the car.
• Many different vehicles with unique upgrades (many different vehicles)
• "Endless run" game based on fluid physics.
• Land generated procedurally. There will not be two equal matches!
• Simple controls, easy to play but with depth of gameplay.
• System of tricks and pirouettes, fun and challenging.
• Colorful and fun visual design.
• Wide variety of objectives and missions that will unlock achievements and rewards.
• Hundreds of hours of speed, laughter and fun!

Super Sonic car racing game is an action classical racing plateforme for girl. This action Sonic game racing is very funny and addictive, climb the hill with your hedgehog hero on his cut speed car and avoid obstacles, help him to reach home, go speed dash and get your new high score. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of Sonic extreme speed racing.

Prepare for a race by picking one of the fast sports cars, Jeep or even a motorcycle! Gain enough speed to jump over the ramps or climb to the stiff hill. If you have - show them all the cars that you unlock and how you play with them - they will love all the surprises in each level! Anyone can play Fun Racing, this game has lots of worlds, levels and cars to explore! Even a toddler or girls can play this game without any problems!

Here you can enjoy your favorite Sonic characters such as: is blaze, Tails and Amy rose

Sonic Car Racing is the best mobile racing game you have been looking. It's a casual arcade game that's infinitely playable and totally engrossing

This car racing game is full of joy and entertainment you will get addicted to it .it is just simple and amazing all you have to do is tapping screen and our superheroes will jump to avoid the struggles and try to collect coins.

Join the adventure with hedgehog SUPERHERO! Immerse yourself in the world of super Sonic Speed racing as you've never done. Embark on an adventure that takes them far beyond the only world they've ever known!

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