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Click / Idle game with Individuality idols!!

Let's make my own entertainment company with the world's best entertainment company!

- Pocket idol is a Touch / Idle game that casts artists with various personality, creates my own planning company, and cultivates artists.

★★ Meet 40 artists with a wide variety of personality. ★★

- lease bring up artists who have various personalities and skills and nurture them.
- Through entertainment activities, Artists gain fans, ability values and skills grow, and appearance changes fashionably.
- Artists all have their own skills and they can receive bonuses for entertainment activities that are appropriate for skill.
- After you have casted several artists, you can collect the artists and form your own group to release the album.
- You can further grow your entertainment company with the money you earn from the activities of the artists.

- Please expect more artists to be updated.

★★ Re-contract and Promotion with Artist ★★

- When the artist is fully upbringed, you can renew the contract. When you sign a contract, the appearance changes nicely and the artist becomes more capable.
- You can promote your artist by wearing the costumes that the artist acquired through the referral and collecting all the costumes that the artist needs.

■■ Game updates and news can be check on Facebook and Official Cafe. ■■
Official Cafe: http://cafe.naver.com/pocketidol
Facebook: http://www.studio-r.co.kr/

■■ Pocket idol is the first Touch / Idle game developed by Independent development team Studio R. ■■

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Latest Ratings

Cindy 4
Excellent graphics! The concept is great, as there are more to do in comparison to the other click/idle games. However, there are still slight bugs. Ie. Found a bug for a CEO quest for getting more than 20 artists. I have 23, but the quest is still not cleared. Also, does the money only come in when the game is on screen rather than running in the background?
Tey 4
I find this game pretty nice. The characters are all cute, although some of them looks kind of awful. One thing that I would like to comment on is that although this is sort of a clicker game, this game doesn't function offline and the profits doesn't increase once you leave the app. Oh, and I do hope that we can also choose the artists that appear at the lobby, instead of the first 5 artists that are always at the lobby. Hope the developers can continue to improve on this game!
Cyb 3
Almost perfect! The graphics, layout, and cute characters are what caught my attention at first, but the gameplay proved fun and interesting! I like how it doesn't quite feel like your usual idle clicker game. I usually get bored with them after a while, lol. One huge drawback for me, though, is that your profits and other activity (like the entertainment projects) don't continue while offline / the game isn't open. Honestly, if it didn't have such a big flaw, I would have given this a higher rating, so hopefully this could be fixed in the next update. Aside from that, it's a very fun game with an interesting concept! ☆
Bebe 3
Very cute game, I'm just starting so I've given it a middle ground rating. I'll be back to upset after the first few levels.
Amber 3
so, i love the game and all but i have yet to figure out the whole auto entertainment thing for the ceo quest and i feel i can't get farther in the game without doing so. :( is there any way of getting that done? i would love to know.
Aura 5
Really liking the game so far! If I could add anything it would be more onlive activities, like be able to challenge other people idols, or maybe have friends or clubs to help each out and raise popularity! I think that would make the game really captivating! And maybe add some visuals of then singing and dancing when we give them jobs! All together this game definitely has potential, I hope it keeps up with the updates!!!
catherine 5
I prefer it offline but Its the best game ... i also like the graphics so much, they are so cute and beautiful ... i hope for you to keep improve this game ^v^ ... thank you for creating this game ♡♡♡
No. 4
If only the entertainment feature still counting down when the app closed I think the game will be great. At first or two sure, it didn't take too long waiting but after several more it just draining my phone battery waiting just for one.
Deadshotty 3
Seriously I got kick out a lot! I just start the game and got kick out right away! Could you please fix it?
Christy 5
So far so good, well the characters was in silhouette that some looks awful and i can't even cancel it.. Hahaha
Black 4
I like it but my hand kind of hurts from tapping alot


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