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MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Mega Ran, YTCracker and Schaffer the Darklord save music!

The sequel to MC Lars: The Video Game, MC Lars: Brotherhood features even more rhythm-based platforming than the original and incorporates a colorful cast of nerdcore’s finest rappers. Play as MC Lars, MC Frontalot, Mega Ran, YTCracker, and Schaffer the Darklord through more than a dozen levels of action-packed tracks. As you close on a battle with the evil Dr. Autotune, play two characters at once as they perform collab tracks and join forces to save music and the world from the evils of autotune.

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Jessica 5
Love it. Love having a the different artists. Especially STD. Also GOD DAMN THIS GAME IS HARD. Seems to have a small issue with the punch function as well. But overall it's fantastic!
Justin 2
Good concept, poor execution. Inconsistent rhythm beat points that aren't tight enough make it sparingly feel like a music game. Too difficult - attacks need to be sent fairly early when enemies are chained and there's no invincibility after being hit, so you get cheesed real quick by hazards on phone sized screens unless you memorize stages. Song selection is pretty poor aside from the YTC tracks, but having to repeat the same song due to difficulty makes me not want to play (Oneonata would be ruined if I had to play 30 times in a row, no checkpoints makes dying sickening). The dialogue is also terrible (YTC: "I can't wait to tweet this." Couldn't be any more out of character.) Good effort, but not recommended - I wanted to like this game, but would have rather had something along the lines of Parappa.
Phillip 5
The first game kicked my head in with it's difficulty, perfect soundtrack, and throwback classic gaming graphics. Now you've added in some of the best rappers in the industry to back Lars. Damn excited to be one of the first people to have purchased this game! True player for real!
Cameron 5
Great game, hard, but finishing a song is rewarding. Maybe it's me, but punch doesn't always seem to work when I tap. Also, let me play Zombie T-rex tutorial mission as a repeatable level.
Luke 5
Big fan of the first game love this one as well. Everything feels tighter and new variety of characters and music.
David 5
Love this game and I love Schaffer mega ran and mc lars. Get this awesome game
Paul 5
Awesome I love it ... Wish it had int 80 on it ;) maybe dlc?
Chris 5
Fantastic sequel. Highly recommended!


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