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Ludo:Dice crush is unique, Squash puzzle, focus, free game Improve your IQ level

Ludo:dice crush is puzzle match three(3) free game, focus game, speedy game, superior game, match three (3 )game, unique game, puzzling game. Ludo:dice crush is stroke game, swap dice, Squash dice, crush dice, color dice,3dice crush,4dice crush,5dice crush,3crush dice,4crush dice,5crush dice,3sqash dice,4squash dice,5squash dice,3swap dice,4swap dice,5swap dice,3dice squash,4dice squash,5dice squash,3dice swap,4dice swap,5dice swap
Match the dice and crush them. Multiple stages. Multiple level and new features
Match three (3) puzzle game is one of the most popular android mobile free games. Squash and match the dice and get unique dice, colorful dice, squashing dice, and get high score.
Ludo:dice crush is free game of 2018 and new dice game, unique game. New idea with multiple features. Just squash the dice and get high score and unlock the next stages and enjoy the next stages. When Three (3) dice stroke together it squash the dice with one and other. The position of the remaining dice in the cell interchange. When four (4) dice stroke together it explode like a bomb. And the position of the remaining dice in the cell interchange. By matching array of five (5) dice a crystal appears and by squashing the crystal all dice squash. Matching and popping Ludo dice crush in dazzling, superior combination in fun gameplay to complete the stages of the games. You can able yourself to unlock the next stages by completing the current stage. You can focus the time dice to extend your time and able to complete the stage. Squash more than three (3) dice array and stroke the dice to interchange the stages and able to unique stages. Your focus will be more to unique stages. Finish the stages in the fastest time to achieve and able to unique stages one (1) by one (1).Develop by Gammers
** How to play Ludo Dice Crush**
• Match three (3) dice and squash dice.
• Match four (4) dice and squash will create bomb blast just squash with other matching dice it will squash one row or Coolum.
• Match five (5) dice and squash dice it will create crystal by squashing the crystal all dice will squash.
• The time dice to extend your time and able to complete the stage

** Features **

 Each Level contains 299 stages
 Each stage have different ways to finish
 You can unlock the next stage by completing the current stage
 By matching array of three (3) dice and the cell interchange by other dice.
 By matching array of four(4) dice a bomb blast occur
 By matching array of five(5) dice, a crystal appears
 When you squash the crystal, it crash all the dice
 You can extend your time by squashing time dice

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