Dead Rain : New zombie virus

Dead Rain : New zombie virus








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2017 GIGDC GRAND PRIZE WINNERa story of survivors in a zombified world

An independent and ambitious game developer has created one of the best platform games of this year you will never forget!

"The world is infected with an unknown virus and plagued by unending rain.
Infected people behave like zombies, and trees are growing from their bodies.
It seems that these trees sprouting from zombies are growing fast as a result of the endless rain. You must find your daughter who got lost during the hurried escape."

- A story of survivors in a zombified world infected by an unknown virus.

- You can enjoy the game and story without dialogue.
- Numerous stages with various zombies.
- Customize your own fighting style with a combination of various items.
- Action play with great control and interactive experiences.

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4.1 and up
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Michael 2
I paid for a game that I have to pay more money to upgrade. Ridiculous
Erik 3
How do I get support? The email address bounces back as doesn't exist. This is a game you have to pay for AND has in-app purchases.
Garrett 5
SO MUCH FOR the Venice Flytrap!!!Great game!!!
Tycen 5
Great game uploaded some gameplay and guides to my channel : TycenYT be sure to check it out!!
Marc 5
Great game with stylised graphics. Need to have cloud saving as its a game with a lot of levels and I would hate to have to start them over if either got a new device or wanted to change to another one. Look into adding option to move on screen buttons to take big fingered people into account. Other then that I would easily recommend it.
FusionAge 3
I have issues with graphics on my phone, everything seems kind of purplish-black and I can't even see my avatar. I'm using a Xperia SL, android 4.1.2
Marc 4
Would like to have controller support, but so far the touch controllers are quite stable
tim 2
Your game sucks! Can't even open the daily reward, that it's telling me to open. Can't upgrade. I don't understand why this game is so highly rated. Fix. Maybe I'll install it again. Til then STUPID GAME!
Dominique 5
It needs a cloud save option but other than that it's a great game
soccer 2
After about ten minutes it was tedious and boring.
Jay 4
I can't see the character I can see the objects I'm holding ,and I also can't see the zombies please fix this

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