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Play Ultimate Fishing Simulator fishing simulator that has not been!

12 real fishing locations in a realistic graphic setting
6 cities from different countries, Warsaw, Paris, Hamburg, New York, Ottawa and more
A wide selection of fishing tackle and equipment
Many species of fish
Fishing activities
Fishing tournaments

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jack 5
Everything ia good.. gameplay,graphic,sound,task given etc.. but i found a difficulties to catch any Carp in Sainte-Dode Lake(France).. How the heck am i able to catch 10 carp since sonar shown that theres not even a single carp in there..??.. Im stucked in there.. Quick fix pls..!
Halloweenking 5
Best fishing game ever but needs more stuff like more lures/baits, floaters, be able to lengths and weight. Also when you you cast out I wanna see the fish under the water coming to the bait/lutres but keep the same controls when reeling in. Kinda similar to let's go fishing 2018.
Female 2
Updating my review. I will return and upgrade to 5 when tasks are corrected. Very frustrating that fish behave differently in tasks, making near impossible to pass some. Trying to catch only a 10kg fish, which outside of the task is easy enough, now I am hooking fish that do not reel in, catchimg with 22-18 mins to go, and they just sit at full length of line. The longest I spent was 48 mins and still sat at same distance, whether i fight the fish or not. For the amount of time that a task takes it is not reasonable to have to redo over and over again as you would literally waste the whole day, alternatively spending a bit of time and coming back day after day to work on the same task is no fun. Disappointed as the game has so much potential but if it stops becoming enjoyable there is little point in playing it at all. I play with others and they have successfully passed level but when trying for me, same issue. Beyond frustrated.
Deon 3
Cant get into shop or market keeps saying game stoped working. Wil give better review if you help me with this.
TheUntrue 5
As promised, i rate this game back to 5 stars, since dev already fixed the impossible fishing task to become easier, great job.. Not much of a change just in fishing task. Sonars, Boats, is still useless and not much of a help, as for groundbait only sometimes it works.. Hooks, Reel and float has no particular purpose, its there just for cosmetic purpose, to change your tackle looks thats it, not really worth the money. But worth the look of it Rods yeah, there are difference since some rods have far cast distance and some has short cast distance, just pick your.favourite.. Still no change in fish habit or fishing spot, since you can just cast anywhere and guaranteed to get a strike, devs need to change this.. also fishes are still biting some general bait, just try and experiment which fish likes which bait, try to experiment (example: carp loves corn. As for chub and grass carp loves cherry, or turbot, eel and catfish loves liver) try to experiment for each fish, because some fish are unique and need particular bait.. but some fish still act like omnivore and has no particular bait.. just be wise in using expensive bait.. Lines gives you a bit more advantage in terms of strength and speed to land a fish.. but it is not necesarry since you can land a 25++kg fish with just your default line.. how? Take your time, fish will get fatigue.. all you need is time, dont force your drag to be fully red. Leave a bit green color on the drag (on the left below the "cut" button) and let the fish pull to maximum distance and wait 1 - 3 minutes.. you dont have to cut the line, just wait and once in a while try to force your drag to be fully red, dont worry it doesnt make your line breaks instantly, just do it quickly, it is done to make sure if the fish can be reeled in or not, if the line distance doesnt change, adjust your drag to green again.. your line wont break as long as you have green color on your drag.. just wait patiently, and when the fish can be reeled in, try to do it in full drag (red) if its possible to avoid fish pulling back to distance again.. and you"ll catch a huge fish with just default line.. (this is good when you want to farm some money in free fishing, but bad if you have time limit such as task or tournament.. use this strategy wisely) this game has many positive point, but we know that no game is perfect it takes time for the dev to find the perfect balance in game mechanics.. As for me this game is a great time waster, i spend a lot of hours into this and kept making me expect more things to come in the next lake.. when i finish the fishing tasks maybe i'll quit this game since there are no more challenge, but we will see whether the dev will give this game another breakthrough.. 5 stars as promised, you guys did a perfect job.. i'll expect more things to this game in the next few updates.. Recommended: please try and download this game
vonnetta 3
I don't really know it doesn't feel like fishing. It kept lagging and junk. But its OK
Buster 4
Would of been all 5 but wont let me catch carp in france tried all differant baits and spots
rhen 5
Excellent. Difficult hook setting but that's a good thing
Billy 1
Pixel XL.. game does not load up. Just a black screen.
Duncan 5
im hooked cant stop playing the game
Bottom 5
Well done fishing game that really makes you feel like your on the lake when you can't actually g3t out on the lake.

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