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Casual roguelike dungeon crawler!

Bravest knights of the kingdom! Venture down to endless dungeons, collect loot, craft your equipment and enhance your skills. You will need them to fight hordes of monsters that have flooded the underground. How deep into the dungeon will you get?

Dungeon Knights is an easy-to-grasp tap dungeon crawler game with simple controls. Explore dungeons, collect loot and equipment that help you upgrade you heroes, accept quests with great rewards, and encounter unexpected places and individuals. Your goal is to dig deeper and deeper into the dungeon, and survive as long as you can!

- different characters with unique skills and gameplay style
- evolve you knights from rookies to masters
- boost powerful spells which are crucial in your fight!
- looting, crafting, quests, special encounters, etc.
- save your progress to the cloud
- cute graphics, simple controls

This game is free to play, but contains items that can be purchased for real money. Video ads are offered to the player to prolong your hero's life or obtain gems. Otherwise there are no ads that would disturb your adventure!

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4.1 and up
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Latest Ratings

Evasion 5
The game is amazing! Simple but addictive, i love the upgrade system and it seems very balanced. Edit: In the endless dungeon whenever you take the teleport rune instead of going 2rooms lower it teleports you back to 10(ex: took the rune at 54 room and got back to 10).Have a look at it if possible,thanks.
sam 4
I really like the game. But every time I click on the quest guy, the game freezes. Please fix.
anjon 4
I really love the game, simple but great, it kills a lot of time, but my only concern is that when im using my mage and use his necklace of unholy shine, he dont get any experience point, please fix this, overall it is a nice game and I really love it
Leland 5
What are you doing, guys? I could get fired! Game is perfect.
marshall 5
I got the teleport rune on endless at about floor 50. I used it. It then sent me back to floor 10. Please fix this for endless mode. Also. Great casual game to play while watching TV.
Marc 3
Ok. Nothing to write home about. Endless time waster
Desiree 1
Deleted because enemies always attack first
Aaron 4
Fun little game, not pay to win.
Connie 4
Great game and very addictive. I love these types of games because they are very quick and easy on my ADD lol.
Michael 4
Nice time waster. Not deep game play but fun.
David 4
It's pretty good. Doesn't cost anything money. Good time waster

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