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☠☠☠ The unique Hack 'N' Slash RPG. Shadow of Death - Fight to survive! ⚔️⚔️⚔️

☠☠☠ The story began in the City of Light - Aurora's land, where was blessed by Gods. This was the land where King Luther built and ruled his kingdom with strong hand and kind heart. Not long after, the royal association called The eyes of Oracle was founded to preserve and develop ancient knowledge, including Magic, Alchemy, Astrology, Medicine, etc. Thanks to this knowledge, King Luther created a Powerful kingdom, as well as one of the most beautiful periods in Aurora's history.

⚔️⚔️⚔️However, The tragedy began from the reign of the 15th King Luther. It seemed to be a good reason that he wanted to bring his beloved sister back from the dead. He studied everything he thought that could be useful: Magic, Medicine, even Alchemy to create a terrible disease that was healed by only him. He took advantage of it to gather the bodies for his evil purposes.

⚔️⚔️⚔️Everything seemed to be worse after the explosion of his lab. Not only many strange creatures but also diseases with no cures started to appear more and more whereas 15th King Luther disappeared left his kingdom in the darkest period of Aurora’s history.

Max - who used to be a royal Knight of King Luther 14th, returning from the war with the outside forces. He was one of many experimenters of King Luther 15. 20 years after the explosion, Max woke up in a strange place with fragmented memories, amazing strength and toughness.

He wanted to find the answers for what was happening to himself and Aurora. That was when Max's journey began and the legend of ‘’Shadow of Death’’ appeared...

“Shadow of Death” is the greatest combination of Role-playing game (RPG) and Classic Fighting game, which lets you equip your Shadow with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets to make an unbeatable hero.

⚔️⚔️⚔️In each epic battle, you’ll become the warrior in the journey of conquering the dark world and you will have to collect swords, weapons, and awesome armors, etc to make yourself stronger and stronger. Be ready for such an exciting game that you can’t stop until you are the best fighter and master of sword game.

When the battle begins, each stickman needs to fight against many dangerous monsters. This battle is so hard that you have to try your best to win, using multiple skills and swiftness. Do not forget to avoid physical attacks as well as magical attacks from monsters

The graphics in Shadow of Death are inspired by light and darkness, which creates the great contrast. In addition, the spectacular effects will make you stunned. Use some powerful magic and burn the darkness world.

Enjoy the multiple upgrades in the best rpg games. Two system that you can upgrade to more powerful are Equipment system and Skills system.
Some monsters are extremely dangerous & you will need more powerful weapons than the basic ones.
- Plunge into epic combat sequences, rendered in astonishingly lifelike detail by an all-new animation system.

- Devastate your enemies with delightfully intuitive controls, thanks to an all-new fighting interface designed especially for touchscreens.

- Journey through 3 different lands full of menacing demons

- 2 battle modes: Challenge & Adventure

- Customize your Shadow with epic swords, armor suits, magical powers,
and more.

Shadow of Death - Fighting Game fanpage:
Shadow of Death - Fighting Game Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShadowOfDeath.FightingGame/

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Hemant 4
I liked what you guys did. Still it will be better if one is able to upgrade the gear by combining the lower level equipments with it. Also please make the legendary class gear available in the vendor shop. Everything else is cool. I really enjoy the game mostly because of the difficulty level . Keep up the good work..😊
Aidan 4
I like the game so much but why only when you level up you get skill points?There should be more ways like when you complete a level or defeat a boss.5 stars will be here if the game has more ways to get skill points.
ken 4
Awesome game Keep adding new weapon and updates weekly
anthoney 5
So much to do needs some improvements with gems souls are very easy to get AWESOME GAME 10/10
Mario 3
Too many pop up ads and now the game won't load. Stopped loading a day or two ago. Right around when they posted the update. I updated and it still won't load. It just says loading data and config. Won't go pass that screen. None of the following updates changed this.
Jon 5
You better "Git gud", this is Dark Souls for android. Beautiful design, but performance should be more efficient (a 2D game should not have FPS drops on a high-end smartphone, nor require so much CPU power). There should be a defined goal for the stars in each level, because right now I don't know exactly for what reason(s) I have (or not) achieved them, so it should be more clear.
Honestly a good game. Keep updating and adding extra levels. It's not pay to win since I've cleared the entire game on every difficulty including insane and reached the level cap at 55. Work on the challenges and perhaps a new dungeon or update some of the enemies to do new attacks. Keep up the great work
Andre 2
Its imposible to get 3☆ at every level bosses at higher level start to have huge hp and the crystal is only given once per achievement. And the price at shop is ridiculous. I buy gear for 80.000 and sell for 80? The drop rate also become ridiculous at hard mode, kill 2k mob got 200++ magic gear.. no rare.. and u force us to play ads.. with ads energy meter... well,its true that better no shame than lying.. got hit 2 times on a level will get you 1☆ instantly. Balance of damage also off.. 3k damage for full combo, 100k damage each skill..
Stefan 4
I loved the game , but i would like to know what exactly gives me 3 stars on a level , is it time? Not getting hit ? The gameplay is excellent and the controls feel good. Can't wait to see the new features
Nore 4
Great game one small flaw lettering is so small to read for cell phone gaming. Fix 5star all the way. I own a galaxy note, now just imagine a smaller screen cell phone.
Marco 1
A good game, but too much ads in game... this is veeery bad


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