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Flappy Dunk - Gameplay Trailer (iOS, Android)

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Tap to jump into as many hoops as possible.

Tap to jump into as many hoops as possible.
Collect skins and achieve crazy challenges.

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Trey 3
I love the game but there are tooooo many ads. I mean as soon as you die it says Second Life for a good 10 seconds and the only way to get rid of it is waiting or clicking anywhere on the screen. And if you click the screen you have to go through a 30 second ad. And even if you don't click the second life button there is a 50 50 chance you have to sit through another ad once you wait the 10 for the second chance to go away. Please get this fixed.
Josh 4
Great addicting game. Don't know why you need all the info in the start. My photos pictures why would your game want to access that kind of info it's irrelevant the game. Little kids get your phone and accept that kinds stuff without know and y'all got access to irrelevant personal information. Lmao hate apps anymore but addicting game.
Dyllan 1
Just wasted 4 hours... Would rate 5 stars but this game is so annoying. Some of the last challenge levels you go through the hoop and it doesent even regester you did... Randomly the game will lag badly. I did all the levels with the rainbow ball and didn't get the rainbow hoop. Also it's so dumb how you just copied all the challenges and flipped it because you couldn't just make more levels. I bet you the developer's wont even read this because it's a one star and that would hurt there ego... I will change my rating if you fix your game
Chris 3
I agree with others that the lagging is a major problem. Makes it impossible to beat certain stages. Game does have great potential. And for those of you complaining about the ads just pay the extra dollar for ad free!
Eric 1
Why so many ads!? I lose my wings after missing a hoops after 15 seconds of starting and a 30 second ad pops up! What makes it worse, I can't skip them.this game deserves 0 stars just for the overexcessive ads. Don't even bother with this potential game. The creators ruined it with TOO MANY ADS! It's not even worth my time. I can use it for a good game like clash royale.
jungkookie 5
As u can tell I'm very happy with this game but the graphics could be improved but that is just my personal opinion. A good thing about this game its a great time consumer so when bored I have a game to make me not bored. Another great feature of this app is that its very addicting so I always have a game that I enjoy. In conclusion I'm satisfied with this app.
Sage 5
I love this app, it is so much fun and addicting to plah. It also is a great time wasting app, like if you are waiting on something you could just play this. And best of all its free and didn't need internet to play 😊
I like the game but I'm it's not worth playing with this many adds. It's literally everytime you die so at the start your spending way more time watching adds than actually playing the game. I wouldn't mind if they were just pop up adds where you just click the x but you have to sit through a whole video everytime. Shame as I really like the game but certainly wont be recommending to anyone.
Jessica 5
SOOOO ADDICTIVE. It doesnt freeze on me and the ads are only there the first few times you die. Afterwards there really isnt any. If you really cant stand ads then go on airplane mode BEFORE you start. Boom. No ads. Problem solved.
Tyler 3
It could be an amazing game but like every other review you'll read, the ads are terrible. Once you pass maybe 25-30 hoops there's an ad at the footer of the screen, which gives a horrible lag resulting in you falling to the floor. It is a fun game but it's not worth the frustration. Uninstalling.
Darren 1
I'd really like a refund. I bought it hoping the lack of ads would fix the terrible lag issue but it didn't. It's just a poorly developed game. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S7 and it's unplayable.

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